Double Free Food Alert: Golden Krust & Pret

After yesterdays “free cake” lameness we need a bonafide free food day!  Better yet- how about a double free food day!  Got two messages in the old Inbox with news of free lunches…

A New Golden Krust

Even though Golden Krust (on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th) opened back in March, there is a sign at the restaurant advertising some kind of Grand Opening celebration taking place on Friday from 12-4pm, including a promise of free food. I didn’t stop in to ask what that will consist of… but the sign promised music, giveaways, and free food.

And if that wasn’t enough, there is new Pret a Manger opening up, also looking to give out some free food tomorrow.  The email about that, after the jump…    

Just a quick piece of news: Free lunch at a new Pret A Manger at 485 Lexington (btw. 46+47th St.) on Friday, May 30th. Apparently they’re training their staff, and will be giving away sandwiches starting at 12:15pm, and ending when all the sandwiches are gone. My boss poked her head in to see if they were open yet and the worker gave her the free lunch flyer. On the flyer it asks you to bring it with you tomorrow.

Hmmm… the old flyer trick.  Hopefully they’ll be handing out these fliers in front of the store tomorrow.  If not, Pret will feel the wrath of the Midtown Lunch freeloaders!

Thanks to Nancy & Carl for passing along the tips.  Got news of your own?  Share it by emailing me at


  • How can a man first, be seen in a pret, and second, actually be satisfied with those $8 finger sandwiches?

    Any real man that tries to eat there will catch a serious case of vaginitis.

  • jn is correct; the only exception is if you throw a hockey check at the Pret employee, catch the sample tray in mid-air and wolf down the entire batch of freebies in one motion (followed by a loud belch and a sleeve mouth-wipe)

  • ooooh freeeeeeee. me likey.

  • I love my new Midtown West office! Right around the corner from Go Go Curry, Sophies on the block, 99-cent pizza one avenue over, and now free Golden Krust practically next door!

  • Steven, are they accepting resumes?

  • It is a fact that 53% of all items offered at Pret A Manger include delicious bacon, including certain varieties of coffee and bottled smoothies.

    No man should feel insecurity resulting from his choice to get lunch from there.

  • May head over to the golden krust giveaway. That place tends to get pretty rammed b/c of the $5 chicken combos.

  • Back from the GK. They’re giving out soda samples, along with a mini beef patty and a piece of jerk chicken, on the sidewalk with tunes playing. No real line at all. And very tasty.

  • sadly, the free food about which i allowed myself to get excited consists of just a couple of chunks of (very bony) jerk chicken, a cocktail size curry patty, and a sip of ginger beer (or other soft drink). tasty, but not a lot of food. a ribbon cutting happens at 2 o’clock.

  • Agree with Steven on the tastiness of the chicken. Very good spices, got a great kick. I would probably go back for a real portion that.

    Agree with Niu Yorker on VERY small portions. Very disappointed about that…

    The soda is flat, I sipped it twice and threw it out.

  • They’re handing out free Snapple water on 7th and 32nd/33rd if you’re interested….

  • I considered it as a tasty appetizer, and it was just that. Of course, I came back to the office for our free Friday buffet lunch, so I wasn’t counting on a full meal! The sodas were being poured right out of the bottles when I was there, so they were fresh. I’ll be back for the jerk chicken.

  • pret hooked it up!! free slim sandwich (egg salad), bag of popcorn, a brownie, and a free cup of coffee next week. sorry krusties!!

  • Beef patty and jerk chicken >>>>> egg salad. ;^)

  • so when is stevenp inviting us over the free friday buffet lunch? ;)

  • Only for employees, sorry!

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