FREE CAKE ALERT: Today from 11-2pm

Gothamist broke the news late yesterday, and the details are confirmed on the Pillsbury Website… Today from 11am to 2pm on Park Ave. btw. 50+51st the Pillsbury Dough Boy will be giving out free slices of a gigantic cake shaped like the United States.  It’s part of some sort of charity tour organized by Pillsbury, and as silly as the whole thing sounds, when free cake is involved, I try not to ask too many questions.  [Pillsbury Website via Gothamist]


  • “when free cake is involved, I try not to ask too many questions.”

    It is statements like these that keep me coming back.

  • It’s ok if I just eat free cake for lunch, right?

  • I was just going to ask the same question Blondie!! I had a HUGE meal last night, and am craving something sweet–but not YORGANIC, which I finally tried yesterday. CAKE IT IS!

  • Can someone please post some pics. I want to see how big the cake/doughboy are..

  • Well…my camera died as I was posing next to the giant Pillsbury Dough Boy, so I can’t share the pics yet, but I can say that they were not ‘gian’t at all. They are about 2″ x 2″ all around. They are also giving samples of brownies which are about the size of a quarter.

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