This straight from the M.L. Inbox: “The DOH must be cracking down on the 48th St. places.  Bagelfeller has a closed DOH sign up as well…”  Don’t pretend to be surprised.  That place looks dirty, smells dirty and at one time they served something called a “banana roll” in their pre-made sushi section.  Wrong on so many levels…


  • They been closed since May 8th, wonder if they will open up again. That place is filthy but their taco salad’s just so yummy … ARGH! :o)

  • whoa, a quick glance at the headline made me think this post was about our very own Bagel Fella. As in, “DOH gets tipped off that Rudy McB. will be stateside for the weekend, and nabs him at JFK to conduct a search for contraband black pudding.”

  • The salads at Bagelfeller were a great deal at $7 and a choice of 5 sides. You can’t find a better steal in mid-town.

    The sign on the door says that the landlord took possession of the property. Hope it comes back – but better.

  • Saw workers putting up a new sign today – Sam’s House Cafe (or Sam’s Cafe House).

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