Midtown Links (Three Day Weekend Edition!)


  • Does that mean you are writing for Grub Street now?!? :)

  • Enough with the Superman!! Jeeze, I’m starting a food blog to give him a little competition.

  • 19 Hours.

    Want a gay Mafia joke?

    “Leave the gun, complain about the canollis”

    Have a nice holiday weekend.Be Seeing you all soon.

    MWahahahahah MWHAHAHAHAHAAAaaaaa

  • Mamacita,

    I can handle a little competition I hope you’re ready for battle. I’ll warn you though, a blog started with impure intentions will never succeed. As far as the Belly Delly Deli goes, I want it to be great, it just may be too much work. Why can’t Faicco’s Pork Store open up in Midtown? Or Crosby Connection?

  • Impure intentions will never work?

    Are you a cyber catholic?

  • Oh honey, ain’t nuthin left pure in this little gal!

    Rudy, do you have an idea for a name for my blog?

  • That guy Conti is *such* a raging douchebag.

  • Pub near my home called ‘The Suckling Pig’(nothing implied,LOL) ows bout that.

  • How about Mangia with Mamacita or Mamacita Eata or Mamacita’s Eats?

  • Mamaeaterdameata

  • Rudy’s NY itinerary:

    1) Lunch at Shake Shack (narrowly missing Wayne and Sarah’s attempts at stalking)
    2) 2pm Pelts vegans at Zen Burger with haggis
    3) 4pm appt. for Hair Removal

  • Mamacita, after some careful thought I have a name for your blog:

    “Write After I Swallow”

    Sounds more professional than my first attempt:

    “I Swallow. Oh, and I Write Too.”

  • yeah, why won’t he give up on Belly Delly Deli? It was by far the worst lunch I have ever had in my life. Disgusting!!!

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