Midtown Links (The “Crisp” Means Falafel Edition)


  • Enough with the posts to gay superman’s blog.

  • YEAH! I agree!

    What about DocChuck?? He has a blog. You should profile him and Mr. Wiggles.

    Have a nice weekend everyone! Even foreigners like Rudy.

  • That falafel looks like it grew up in Chernobyl.

  • I think it would be great to get a profile on DocChuck. After checking out his blog, I would love to know how someone with so many degrees from a fourth tier university can have such an ego.

  • I don’t care so much for pinkberry or red mango, but Yolato is actually pretty good.

  • I hit that LPQ for their chicken and egg sandwich on a baguette once a week. The baguette sandwiches are the most bang for your buck on the take out menu. I also agree with the post that says the sandwiches at Macaron are great – I particularly like the smoked salmon one.

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