For some reason two mega chains both chose today to hold free stuff promotions.  From 10am to 10pm you can get a free 16 oz Iced Coffee from any Dunkin Donuts location, and McDonald’s will be giving away free Southern Style Chicken Biscuits for breakfast, and Southern Style Chicken sandwiches for lunch and dinner, with the purchase of any medium or large drink.  Now go and freeload!


  • McD’s at 45th & Lex is on board… don’t know about Dunkin… yet.

  • Which DD locations are participating??

  • EVil McDonald’s at 4th Ave/St. Marks had the free chicken biscuit. The counterperson seemed shyly bemused by the fact someone had heard of the promotion. Received the free biscuit (after purchasing a large coffee) with no fuss. Then, the f’n 6 train went out of commission, and I couldn’t try the free biscuit until after it had grown tepid. Will try for DD free iced coffee later.

  • @Kra – I’m pretty sure all of them…

  • McDonald’s on 42nd b/w 5th and Madison is participating. I went in this morning around 7:45 and bought a medium orange juice ($2.05) with free chicken biscuit. The sandwich–a biscuit with a biscuit-sized crispy chicken on top–tasted fine but left a strange film of grease on my hands. Though I haven’t eaten McD’s in years and now feel like a braindead slug, it was free!

  • 4 or 6 of us took part in our free biscuit sammich this morning on 46th and 6th.
    Same deal goes for lunch, if you buy their 99 cent 32oz sweet tea drink which is apparently freshly made as someone in my office who has had it a few times thinks, they will count that as your medium or large drink towards a free sandwich.

    Oh and I went to Chick Fil A yesterday downtown only to find out they had closed for the summer.


  • McD’s in Times Square (47th and 7th) was doing it too…

    went there this AM with 2 friends, each a a sweet tea (their sweet tea is damn good, esp for $1.08) and got our sandwiches. Then I went to buy a tea for another co-worker and she asked if I wanted another sandwich, so I was able to get more than 1.

    I will be back for lunch.

    I will try and DD near the Port Authority (42 and 9th) later on…

  • Just went to the little DD on 55th btwn. 5 & 6th Ave. and had my iced coffee. They had them ready, pre-made for the rush.

  • If you refuse to take advantage of free food
    the terrorists have won.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • Call me crazy but I’m much more fearful of Natural Disasters than Terrorists, maybe I watch CNN to much or have lived here 27 years to long in NYC, I dunno.
    However it is my patriotic duty to make sure the Terrorists do not win, so I will re-visit McDonalds for lunch to take advantage of their giveaway! USA! USA! USA!

  • mc d’s on 8th and 56th has it.

  • I just finished my chicken sandwich. Its pretty tasty (better tasting chicken than I’ve ever had at Mickey D’s), and topped with nothing but pickles.

  • Ok.. I just finished my chicken sandwich. It was really disappointing. The outside batter was, at least, seasoned but the inside was processed McNugget McChicken. Yuk.

    But as a patriot and glutton I finished it nevertheless! The highlight was the Sweet Tea. Really good! I mean, I was surprised! It totally filled that Allen&Son’s sweet tea craving.

  • Got one free ice coffee on 41st and 2nd then walked around to 38th and 3rd and got my second. Caffeine buzzing.

  • DD on 46th between 5th and Madison had a sign on their door claiming to be out of iced coffee as of 1:45PM…

  • Ug, you know guys, I feeling kinda nauseous now. I don’t think I can handle the McDeez. Blech… totally feel gross now…. don’t do it unless you eat there regularly…

  • free Pike Place blend coffee yesterday from Sbux, and free DD coffee today. Yay!!

  • Hang in there Mamacita!!! The nauseous feeling goes away after a few. It’s amazing how free food and drink can turn my frown upside down.

  • 42nd @ 7th is good to go, but Sweet Tea doesn’t count for the drink. Sandwich isn’t so good but free food is great :-)

  • DD on 54th and Lex involved. Doors are wide open – get in line – ice coffe anyway you like it handed out – no questions asked.

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