Airing of Grievances: Midtown McDonalds Screws Lunch’er on Free Sandwich Day

I love free food, but not enough to eat at McDonalds (notice how I got Andre Mika to blog about their chicken sandwich for me), and even posting about their southern style fried chicken sandwich promotion this morning made me feel dirty.  Luckily I get to redeem myself by posting this email from Midtown Lunch’er “Shauna“:

I saw the slightly tantalizing image you posted when McD’s first announced the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, but lookie here at what my coworker returned to the office with today [from the McDonalds on Broadway & 51st]…


Are they KIDDING?!?!?! Maybe that’s how they’re saving $$ during the giveaway today.  Pretty pathetic.

I didn’t hear too many complaints from commenters, so I’m guessing this was just one stray breakfast biscuit patty, served as a lunch sandwich… but even so, it makes me feel good to post it.


  • Yeah, that must have been an outlier (which are bound to happen)…I convinced my lady to come with, just so I could have two, and of the two, one was so big I actually had to eat around the bun for a bit before I could get into the actual sandwhich, while the other seemed like regular size. If I had been eating next to that poor girl who got snubbed, I would’ve gladly shared to compensate for her loss (although I doubt my woman would have been too pleased about that).

  • Chicken Nugget on a bun!

    Mine was regular sized…. and the rumbling inside my stomach 3 hours later reaffirms that.

  • I had no problems with mine. It was a pretty normal sized McDonald’s sandwich.

  • hopefully this was just an isolated occurrence. nonetheless, a buttery bread battered slap in the face.

  • ‘Bitchin’tichy’chickin.

  • I think the promo (at least here in DFW) was a free breakfast chicken biscuit with purchase of a beverage. that might explain the tiny chicken

  • wish I could say the same, but my chicken patty actually spilled outside the bun.

  • i got 2 sandwiches and both had a bigger-than-expected patty.

  • My sandwich (purchased at 3rd Ave., between 50th and 51st) was similarly pathetic. It’s somewhat comforting that not everyone was similarly ripped off.

  • Screwed???? ripped off?????

    IT’s Fucking Free!!!

  • I am thinking this was a promotion for the toddler size sandwich, or the adult “bitewich”.

  • Reminds me of those Where’s the Beef? Wendy’s commercials.

  • I had the free chicken sandwich last night. I didn’t have a problem with the size, just the long wait.

  • Screwed???? ripped off?????

    IT’s Fucking Free!!!

    If they promise X, and deliver Y, where Y < X, then yes, the person who wasted their time waiting in line for X and receives Y was both screwed and ripped off.

    My time is vastly more valuable than the cost of the sandwich.

  • Then i suggest you use some of the renumeration for your time and buy a sarnie instead of being a freeloading mardarse.

  • My sandwich was served on a regular bun, but whoa, I only got ONE pickle. Not the two seen in the picture above. Nonetheless, it’s FREE, so I’m keeping my complaining to a minimum.

  • Regular bun?? The reason the samich is solid is because of the special bun they use! In my opinion, the person who got the regular bun got way more “screwed” than the chick who got the smaller chicken patty.

  • The headline should have read:

    “Shauna Cries Fowl – Promised Meat Turns Out To Be Undersized For Her Bun”

  • I got the regular bun. It stunk.

  • ahahaha. great header wayne, but it wasn’t my meat mishap… i’m with zach on the mcd’s boycott. it was my poor, dejected coworker.

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