It may not fit the strict Midtown Lunch feel test, but Angelo’s coal oven pizza on 57th btw. 6+7th has been approved by pizza king Adam Kuban over at Slice.  He used to be hesitant to recommend the “uniformly bland” pie, but it “seems to have improved,” and now he would “send [someone] to Angelo’s without hesitation—but only under [certain] circumstances. It’s good for the ‘hood, but there are outlying pies I’d rather scrap with.“  Isn’t that the way it is with everything in Midtown?


  • Angelo’s has always served great pizza – at least in the six years I have ordered from there. Same can be said about Patsys (I believe both are under the same ownership and the menus are almost identical). Granted a plain cheese slice isn’t going to be the most interesting but all the ingredients seem very fresh (cheese and sauce) and the dough is very good and cooked nicely in the brick oven. Key is to get the right toppings. Top 2 pizzas for me are either the sausage with onions and roasted peppers or pepperoni with fresh garlic. In my opinion this is actually some of the better pizza in NYC – better than the vast majority of by the slice places. Also Angelo’s does a mean fettucini carbonara – order it by the TUB!!!

  • I love Angelo’s fresh brick oven pizza, especially when it’s piping hot. It has tust the right amount of sauce and fresh cheese, along with fresh basil on top, and the crust is delicious. One of my faves!

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