Confirmation posted in the comments, and sent to the ML Inbox, “I just passed by and they’re open again!  Talked to the owners and they said they were open since yesterday.  They said they had to go through a bunch of renovations.  No mention about the DOH stickers.  The interior looks as dingy as usual.  Got my pork noodle soup and is as delicious as ever!”


  • Cafe Trend is open again, too. I haven’t bothered to go in and check things out.

  • The good doctor (who is an esteemed amateur phlebotomist, if that excites you) and I will be right in to try out this place. We love the smell of disinfectant on a warm spring day.

  • Me-fuckin-ow.

  • I got my pork noodle soup yesterday too! Health code violations be damned, that is one fine soup.

  • Glad your place is back in biz. :)

  • Shutdown again today…..

  • Walked by on the way to Indus Express today. Charmingly, the gate is at half-mast, in an attempt to obscure the yellow DOHing, and there’s a sign below the gate saying “Close[sic] for Construction”.

    And I just started going there! Bastards.

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