Go Go Curry to Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary With $5 Special

On Monday, Go Go Curry (on 38th btw. 7+8th) will remind us that it’s less about fried cutlets smothered in Japanese kare, and more about weird number superstitions (and an unhealthy obsession with Hideki Matsui).  Go means 5 (a very lucky number), they opened one year ago Monday (5/5), and to celebrate they’ll be selling their Small to Large sizes for $5 all day Monday (5/5).  Normally a large order is $8.50, so it’s a pretty good deal- and just so you know, ordering anything but the large, for the same price, would be an embarrassment. 

The only way they could make a better Cinco de Mayo lunch is by offering their Grand Slam for $5.  Now that would be truly spectacular.  (Maybe it’ll happen on May 5, 5555).  It’s also worth mentioning, now that baseball season has started up, they give out free toppings any day after Hideki Matsui (Yankees number 55), hits a homerun.  Go team!

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