Midtown Links (Midweek GTA4 Edition)


  • GTA 4 is bananas! Loves it.

  • FYI. Carvel’s promotion was scam! I went to the Carvel in Times Square (which is a complete dump) and the one in Penn Station at around 5:00PM and both of them were not giving away the free arctic blenders. The scumbag in Times Square just wagged his finger at me and went on to the next customer without any kind of acknowledgement or apology. The two clueless numskulls working in Penn Station claimed that they didn’t have the ingredients to make the arctic blenders. Also no apology from them for the mix-up.
    All I can say is that Carvel has lost me and many others as customers because of this stunt. And their customer service is going to get an earful from me, just because.

  • Whatever, the pernil is still pretty tasty, even without the skin, though I certainly wouldn’t say no to the crispiness :)

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