Midtown Links (Monday AM Coffee Edition)


  • That “Best Coffee” link could be Exhibit A in how Chowhound has declined from being interesting and diverse to being the intellectual equivalent of a Grammy Awards broadcast. Thank you Zach for keeping Midtown Lunch interesting, informative, funny and uncensored.

  • Ed Levine recommends the Crispy Lamb Filets with Chili Cumin at Szechuan Gourmet, but this dish isn’t on the lunch menu.
    Does anyone know if they will make it for you during lunch at a reduced price?
    A lot of Chinese places will accomodate a request like this, but many won’t. I want to try the dish but I don’t want to pay $15 for lunch for Chinese food and I’m never in the area for dinner.
    Anyone ever try this?

  • DDR, funny you zoomed in on that dish – I did too. I just had it. It was great. Those red hot chilis will set your head on fire – proceed with caution. The dish might be a bit dry (not saucy enough) for some, but I loved it. With 2 containers of rice, it was big enough for a friend & I to split. We did and I’m full to the tune of $8. each, all in I wish it was available as a special too but quality lamb ain’t cheap…

  • Regarding the coffee in midtown question, I just noticed the other day that Joe (the wonderful coffee shop from the Village) will be opening a shop in Grand Central (in the passageway on the north side of Grand Central Market). Great news for coffee snobs in Midtown East!

  • Thanks for the feedback, wayne. I’m a big eater so I can’t imagine splitting a dish for lunch and being sated. Did you ask if they would make it for a lunch menu price? Maybe I’ll call and ask. Or maybe I’ll get it for delivery if I’m working late one night. Thanks ag’in.

  • When will midtown get a Clover machine we can call our own? Viva Zibetto! If only we had a similar coffee shop that allowed Americans.

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