Midtown Links (R.I.P. Manhattan Mall Edition)


  • I, for one, refuse to patronize establishments that cannot properly spell or punctuate their signage.

  • Darla agrees with you.

  • I think I’m in love with Jonah from Burritoblog. I can impress him with my PivotTables.

  • Now if only we could find a reason for Doc Chuck to “refuse to patronize” this blog.

  • I’m confused a little about “Midtown Mall is a Ghost Town” link. You link “Curbed” The Curbed article links “Racked” Racked attributes “Midtown Lunch” for it’s article, but Midtown Lunch Links Curbed….

  • @AL – Sorry for the confusion… a few months ago we reported that the food court in the Manhattan Mall was closing (including the only Arby’s in Manhattan).

    But last week, Curbed reported that now, *the entire Mall” is closed (not just the food court). Their post included a link to their Racked post, which linked to my old post about the food court closing).

    Got it? (Blogging is fun!)

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