Bastard Child of the Cuban Sandwich Added to the Menu at Margon

Margon, the Cuban lunch “counter” on 46th btw. 6+7th has always transported me back to my hometown of Miami.  Readers’ Choice for Best Cuban 2008, you can always count on their delicious roast pork, roast chicken, their famous octopus salad, the fried chicken wing version of “chicharones” (a word also used to describe crispy fried pork skin), rice, beans, plantains and of course the cuban sandwich.  Their version is made with salami, a preparation favored by many Dominicans, as well as the Cubans who live in Tampa, who added it to the sandwich to appeal to the large Italian population they lived side by side with.

There was only one thing missing at Margon… until now.  The Media Noche, a very popular pressed sandwich with pretty much the same ingredients as a cuban (pork, ham, mustard, pickles and cheese) but instead of French style cuban bread, it’s pressed inside a slightly sweet egg bread.  Delicious!

For $4, I couldn’t resist, and picked one up the other day.  Check it out after the jump…

Just ham and cheese (no pork or salami) and you have to actually tell them what condiments you want.  I thought he was joking when he asked if I wanted lettuce and tomato, but I suppose it makes some people happy.  I told him mustard and pickles (some will add mayo) and ended up with a pretty tasty pressed sandwich.  Not the best I’ve ever had, but for $4, you’re not going to hear me complain!

Margon, 136 W. 46th St. (btw. 6+7th), 212-354-5013


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