Midtown Links (The Mascot Smackdown Edition)


  • …can’t look at that chicken guy(I think we may of found DocChucks career path) and not think of Pryor & Wilder saying…”no shit..nooo shit nooooo shittttt’

    Have a very nice weekend very nearly everyone!

  • Sort of reminded me of that ass-kickin chicken in Family Guy.
    Also, that gorilla suit scares me, I hate monkeys.

    Aloha Friday!

  • I’m pretty sure that’s a parrot. Is Ranch 1 serving parrot now?

  • Tim, you just cracked me up!

  • Every time I walk past that sad looking quasi-cannibal parrot I think to myself if I were in that situation, I’d find myself wandering into the oncoming Broadway traffic.

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