Scotland Week to Bring Haggis Street Cart to Midtown

According to the Citysearch Blog there will be:

free haggis “hot dogs” from a temporary street cart near Times Square [as part of] Scotland Week… at the corner of 52nd Street and Broadway (near the Continental Airlines billboard), April 4th and 5th, 11am to 5pm.

Mark it on your calendars kids… stuffed intestines = good.  Free stuffed intestines = Midtown Lunch pandemonium!  [Scotland Week via Citysearch Blog]


  • What makes you think that they will use intestines? I’ve quit ordering stuffed derma at kosher delicatessens as they have switched to using a plastic tube.


  • I love some good kishkes

  • Yay, more free food! Though I forgot about Sophie’s today and bought lunch back to my desk already.

  • It’s made from Outer casing of the sheeps stomach,the casing i mean.With heart lungs spleen back fat loads of pepper/salt and ‘secret spice mix’,depending on the butcher.

    Angela will run screaming down Broadway.

    Ofally sorry.


  • One block from my office? Hells yes I am there.

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