Shuttered Latin Food Inside the Blimpie, Resurfaces in Stranger Location


Got this posted in the comments by “Vishal” on Monday:

I have some great news- the Latin Food that used to be at this Blimpie has now moved next door to the Convenience store that serves Vegetarian Indian Food!

That is indeed great news.  I guess that is the benefit of being a latin food place inside the back of a Blimpie.  When the crappy sub place closes, just move your business one door down, hermit crab style.  I’m a big fan of latin food in strange places, and luckily their new shell is almost as weird as the Blimpie, protecting their all important hipness cache; the Midtown newsstandwith the Gujarati Indian steamtable on 6th Ave. btw. 37+38th. 

A photo of the vegetarian Indian food place, living side by side with the pork-a-licious latin food, after the jump…

Vegetarian Indian on the left, latin food on the right, with a proper deli buffet in the middle.  This could be the 2nd coolest Midtown Lunch location ever (after El Sabroso of course!).  Full +/- coming soon…

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