Midtown Links (Tortured Starbucks Employees Edition)


  • GOOD LORD! That’s gotta be the most unappetizing photo ever features on ML, Zach. I’ll take a large dog doo with sides of toxic waste and biohazardous goo please.

  • Looks like Mario Batali’s(comic book store guy) colostomy bag exploded.

  • I walked by the 43rd St. Burritoville the other day and was wondering where it went. Wasn’t the greatest place in the world, but decent for the burrito fix. On that side of town there’s only Chipotle and one of those Chinese-Mexican places.

  • I call BS on Zagat. The 43rd Street Burritoville is indeed closed, but Tsushima, if they’re talking about the one on 47th and Lex, is open. I went there on Friday. Sadly, their prices are outside the Midtown Lunch range. They’ve got great maki sushi specials for a little over $10.

  • That Zagat burger slideshow blew too. Well done, veggie, overrated – they showed me where NOT to go for a burger fix.

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