Midtown Links (Sugar is Back Edition!)


  • holy shit if anyone votes for zen burger i’m going to kill my girl. it’s like that new movie untraceable. the more people that vote for zen burger, the quicker she goes.

  • Has anyone tried the new-ish halal cart pictured next to the Treats Truck in the above photo?
    Their lines are consistently longer than both Kwik Meal and the biriyani cart – what’s their story?

  • EJC – I have tried that cart, and I actually like it better than the highly revered Kwik Meal directly across the street. I can only compare the falafel, since I haven’t had any of the street meat from either place. They serve every platter with your choice of type of rice (brown, white, or yellow), a salad with various raw veggies, and hummus. The falafel isn’t always just out of the fryer, but it has a really good flavor. I don’t care for the consistency or flavor of Kwik’s falafel.

    Zach – Funny enough, I was actually standing at that halal cart ordering while you must’ve shot that pic of The Treats Truck…I remember thinking that guy’s grey coat was strange looking!

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