Midtown Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas (for the Procrastinators)

Minamoto Kitchoan, Posted to Flickr by bottleofblues

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and while you should have trekked to Vosges (Soho), Mariebelle (Soho & UES), or Jacques Torres (Soho, UWS, Dumbo) for some of the best chocolate in New York City- you didn’t.  So, now you’re stuck in Midtown and need to get something tonight after work. 

For some perfect Midtown (and Upper East Side) chocolate options, check out Ed Levine’s great post from earlier this week.  For something in the non-chocolate category, here are a few of my suggestions (along with an interactive map).

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Minamoto Kitchoan (49th btw. 5+6th Ave.) – This elegant Japanese sweets shop has a lot of beautiful options that would make a great (and unique) Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart.  The one downside-  it will probably be helpful if your girlfriend likes bean paste.

Bouchon Bakery (Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle) – In addition to their delicious macaroons, they have a wide assortment of Valentine’s themed treats, including heart shaped linzer cookies, velour cake, Valentine expression cookies, and salted caramel.

Dylan’s Candy Bar (3rd Ave. & 60th St.) – It’s a little outside Midtown Lunch’ing range, but for candy it really can’t be beat.  Get her a gift certificate, and imagine how much fun it will be to go one weekend (if it was totally empty of annoying UESiders!)

Treats Truck (www.treatstruck.com) – Sugar (the truck) is out sick, but they’re still delivering boxes of their delicious brownies, cookies and other assorted treats.  Included in your order… Treats Truck Valentine’s Day Cards! 

I put Godiva locations on the map as well, because you know what… despite being pre-packaged, and a monster chain, available in every single bookstore in the city- it tastes freakin’ good.  There.  I said it.

Still looking for something to do tonight?  My suggestion…pick up sandwiches at Bouchon Bakery, some screw cap wine and go to the movies.

Got any suggestions of your own?  (Besides “Go screw yourself, Valentine’s Day sucks”).  Post them as comments below…


  • I’m taking Angie to dinner at Zen Burger.

  • I’m gving Raechy some pork dumplings.

  • May you all have a wonderful VD today.

  • Matt,
    I found a Thai spot, it’s a bit of a trek but well worth it. On 48th b/w Broadway and 8th. I find it alot better than Yum Thai.

    244 West 48th Street •(212) 582-3392

    ~Happy V Day~

  • Thanks A, is it table service or order at the counter like Yum?

  • Matt,

    Pretty decent sized place with table service.
    I found their website—–> http://www.pongsri.com

  • For yummy, high quality chocolates, you could also go to La Maison du Chocolate. It’s on 49th St., between 5th and 6th, and ooo-la-la delicious!

    On another note, I second the Pongsri props! They have a decent lunch special, and the food is pretty good. Also, as they have a lot of tables, there usually isn’t a wait.

  • Okay, significant miss here. The flagship store for the best chocolates in the effin free world is on Madison at 51st. Just go in to Leonidas and get as many hazelnut pralines as you can afford. They aren’t cheap but they set an entirely different standard for chocolate.


  • Must agree with Thank you. I love you. Have been geeting the wifey choco from there since forever…$34 a lb But next to being at the Cailler factory, nothing beats it.

  • Also in midtown – Newhaus Chocolate in Grand Central – Belgian/creamy style chocolate – a box of 8 chocolates was $20 (though they have pre-packed boxes that might be a better deal).

    I also hit the chocolate counter in Whole Foods and picked out a little box of about 10 chocolates that cost $5.00. Whole Foods also carries some Vosges chocolate bars and other goodies. LOVE the spicy Mexican one and the Bacon one – OMG what I wouldn’t do for a Vosges bacon chocolate bar…

  • Li-Lac in Grand Central Market has good chocolates. God knows how much they’re marked up today, but they’re good and in midtown.

  • Sad to say the Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar isn’t that good. Never imagined I would say this, but that chocolate bar does not have enough bacon in it.

  • Teuscher! Rock Center!

    I find that to be true with most foods I eat.
    I mean really, I can barely taste the bacon in this coffee I just finished.

    Come on boys, give the gift of pork to your ladies.
    Chocolate, meh.

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