Midtown Links (Superbowl Wings & Cookies Edition)


  • As a follower of PROPER football I cant understand why watching 70 fat black chaps chasing a large peanut gets you all excited. But never the less have a nice weekend almost everyone.

  • Dallas BBQ might be the worst place ever. Those wings are disgusting!

  • How could you say those wings look good, man? They are drowning in sauce.

    These are the best wings I’ve ever had. http://www.benchwarmersdowntownithaca.com/food/specials.html

  • Gross wings. For starters they’re breaded. Ick.

  • I think Atomic Wings are really good.

  • Benchwarmer’s wings are quite fantastic. But Duff’s in Buffalo is #1

  • best wings in the city: lion’s head tavern on columbia turf.

    i’ve gotten physically and violently ill TWICE off dallas bbq (combination of the shitty tequila, over-sugary texas-sized margarita, and cold mealy chicken remnants)… and my boyfriend puked on the sidewalk just outside the chelsea location. that place is bad, bad news…

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