Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll: Best Bowl of Ramen (Under $10)

I’m out of town until January 7th, so until then I’m turning over the site to you for the First Annual Midtown Lunch Readers Poll, to determine the best that Midtown lunch’ing has to offer. You can only vote once, so choose wisely. Links to info about most of the nominees can be found on the “Restaurant Index” page. Feel free to write in votes in the comments section. Official winners will be posted to the site on January 9th.

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  • I must say that I’ve been looking for an excellent bowl of ramen in NYC for the longest time. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have a question, though. While on a flight to Japan, I sat next to a delightful Japanese businessman who recommended an excellent ramen shop on 45th and Broadway called “Ryoyou” (or some variation thereof), and despite many hours of wandering around the surrounding streets, it still seems to elude me. Does anyone have any idea as to where this place is? Thanks!


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