Midtown Links (Last Post of the Year Edition)


  • Zach, how come I have to go to that Miami paper to see what you look like? I have never been able to find your picture here. Do you have it hidden somewhere? And you sure don’t look fat in those Miami pictures.


  • His picture can be found in most post offices and/or federal buildings.

  • Now that I know this guy is pulling in thousands of dollars for this blog… I’m less likely to follow it.

  • Nancy!! you you..you communist!!!

    Maybe Zach will put the limit upto $20 a day so we dont have to put up with post graduates whining about the quality of 99c pizza.

    Peace and good will to all my arse.

    Keep up the good work Zach !

    $$$$’s a month…hmmm thats very nearly an appitizer @ Gordon Ramsey’s…………

  • I saw your site mentioned today in CNN.com It got me interested. It’s great stuff. I was just curious and had to ask, but with all this food scouting you do, does it make you put on any extra pounds?

  • Rudy, 2:16, awesome! ha ha

    As for you senor Zack, I am unimpressed with your girth.
    Obviously you’ve been cutting back on your buffets, for shame.

  • damn, that was me up above, forgot to sign in.

  • You should get rid of all the ads and do this blog for the love of cheap food in midtown. By generating revenues of more than a $1,000 a month, you’ve sold out man.

  • Shut up you little haters! Mad because your part time telemarketing or phone sex job doesn’t bring in nearly as much dough and is 3 times a pain in the behind! What this man has done is turned a hobby, special interest, into an informative medium where not only New Yorkers can learn the ins and outs of where to eat, but people all across the country (thanks to the press:)! can learn both about potential eateries in a heavily toured area AND get a cultural lesson on the variety of foods available that can please almost any palate. Great job and keep up the good work.

  • I’ll have what Mara’s drinking.

    Who has the phone sex job?….Im thinking gay superman.

  • A new Zaiya, around the corner from my office?! I don’t have to walk a long, windy, freezing avenue and a half across bryant park to get my cheapo japanese fix?

    Zach, you just made my winter!

  • Gay superman.

    Wow. A perfectly fungible redundancy.

  • Mini-Zaiya report: the selection is SLIM.

    – 1-2 bento varieties
    – 3-4 alacarte sandwiches (prosciutto, ??)
    – 2-3 prepackaged sandwiches (blt, fish sandwich, ??)
    – 3-4 prepackaged pastries
    – a bunch of fancy pastries in a display case
    – tea in plastic bottles

    no sushi/riceballs/handrolls, none of the good pastries (currypan, yakimochi, donuts, buns, etc), no hot/prepared foods, no rice bowls. :(

  • Good for you Zach – glad to hear you’re getting paid for the service you provide. Selfishly, I’m glad you’re getting paid because it means you’re more likely to keep the blog up and running. Looking forward to more midtown lunches this coming year. Thanks!

  • Yep, I’m glad Zach is making good money from this, it’s one of my favorite sites on the net and he deserves whatever he can get for providing a ton of useful content.

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