Midtown Links (Jamaican Black Cake Edition)


  • OH MAN. Ever since you posted that cake photo on your Flickr a few days back, I’ve been trying to figure out WHAT IT IS. It’s been stuck in my head for two days, I dream about the image of the cake at night, it drove me crazy..because I could not FIGURE IT OUT. And alas, now I know :)

  • I would think molasses,dark rum,treacle,bob marley marching seeds…………..

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!….open fires, mulled wine…rugburns………

  • I bought cake that looked exactly like that, and came in foil, in negril, jamaica. Except it contained magical ingredients that made me feel funny for 6 hours.

  • It is the best cake ever! crushed fruit smothers in rum and wine (Port), for weeks- sometimes for months. Then the flour , sugar, eggs, etc and you are in heaven! It is best when made by a competent Jamaican cook and if she’s seriously adventurous she will repeatedly soak the cake with rum and wine- YUM!

  • That doesn’t look too bad! ;-)

  • thats jamaican fruit rum cake where you going about black cake loool but any hu i love its bare easy to make and im just 16 looool the fun i have in da kitchen woooo gnna make me sum ryt now cause my raisin dem dun soak frm last month looooool

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