Matt Kenney of FreeFoods NYC Answers the Big Organic Questions


When Midtown Lunch covered the opening of Matt Kenney’s FreeFoods NYC, the reaction was decidedly mixed.  Firmly against generic Midtown delis, we all found it hard to embrace a concept that took this model and made it *more* expensive.  Sure, the food is of a much higher quality, and for people into organic food- it is one of the few decent options in Midtown.  It also helps if you don’t mind spending $15 on a take out lunch.

I am often a quantity over quality eater (my love of buffets is evidence of that), but ideally you’d like to find some sort of middle ground, and ‘you get what you pay for’ is a concept I can totally appreciate.  That being said, comments came in complaining about the portions at FreeFoods NYC, and there were even a few who complained about the “organic whenever possible” mantra.

The one thing I can say, prices aside- FreeFoods has the nicest looking by the pound buffet in the entire of city of New York.  It only has a few items, but each one looks absolutely delicious- and I’ve been tempted on more than one occasion to just give in and fork over the $20 weighing my food would cost me at a place like this.  It might be time for a Midtown Lunch buffet by the lb. challenge…

Matt Kenney sat down with Gothamist this week and answered questions about FreeFoods NYC, organic food, sustainable business practices, and the raw food movement.  There’s also a pumpkin soup recipe for those who can’t bring themselves to fork over $5+ for a tiny 12oz cup of soup…


  • regarding that recipe, eating raw vegetarian sounds so simple/natural until you read the recipes and they all involve food processors and vitamixes! i WISH i had the cash and counter-top space for that stuff! but if I did I’d probably be eating at FreeFoods already ;)

  • @ckc
    I suggest picking up a $20 hand blender stick; it is cheap and doesn’t take up that much space since you just use it right in the pots you already own; I use mine at least twice a week to make spaghetti sauces or soups; it really makes a difference in the kitchen and my cooking comes out restaurant quality.

    And it should be lunch by the ½ pound at freefoods…which is why I seem to always spend $12 there…

  • I can’t help it but I love FreeFoods though I don’t like the prices.

  • they are far from sustainable….most organic produce comes from california and florida……….gotta buy local….enough of this organic crap …get to know your famers!!!… at greenmarkets!!

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