First Look: The New Goodburger on 45th St.


Once again, I’d like to congratulate burger lovers working in the 40s.  You finally have a burger place to call your own.  If you haven’t been to any of the Goodburger locations, and want to read about the food- almost all of what I wrote in November of last year, about the location on Lex., still applies, the one notable exception being that now the combo costs $10.35 instead of $9.95, which means- technically for this to be Midtown Lunch, you will need to forgo fries or a drink.  It’s just not right.

The new location on 45th btw. 5+6th (which opened yesterday) is a lot larger than the location in Midtown East, and has an upstairs seating area. 

An actual goodburger, plus a sign worthy of being put on Suicide Food, after the jump…

Expensive, but pretty damn tasty.  The onion rings (which you can sort of see in the background) were really crispy, and didn’t taste like they were cooked frozen from a bag (Pop Burger are you paying attention?).  Even more exciting, you could really taste the beer! (Always a good thing right?)

And finally, my favorite part of the new Goodburger:

Not as good as the new Kati Roll Menu (or my all-time favorite “Pig cutting himself up to make saucisson postcard“), but I still love it.  Thanks to Suicide Food, I think I’m now obsessed with finding crap like this.  There’s nothing funnier (or creepier) then an animal trying to convince you to eat it.  You are perfect little cow.  Never change.

Goodburger (New Location), 23 W. 45th St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-354-0900

the other Midtown Location is on Lexington & 54th St.


  • I have not been happy with the other good burger location on Lex. They always seem to overcook mine, and IMO the burger is way too small for the price. There are better places to get your burger, but I guess in the 40′s by 5th ave. this will be one of the better options that doesn’t involve sitting at a pub.

  • how much is the burger?

  • Sarah & Kate

    I’m at 45 and Madison. I used to eat from Yum Thai but it closed. Just looking for a replacement that is closeby. Most all the good Thai places are around 9th Avenue.

    Thanks for your help!

  • A: I’m at 42nd and 6th and have not yet found good thai food in my treks.

    My boundary is from Bway/7th ave to 3rd ave, 34th to 52nd st. If you find anything please share-

  • I like Aceluck on 9th Ave (near 39th St). They have a good cheap lunch special (within the Midtown Lunch price limit) and they used to have an early evening happy hour if you wanted an early dinner (two beers for the price of one)! I haven’t been in a while so I’m not sure if it is still going on.

  • I went to the east side location of Goodburger many months ago and thought it was good, but nothing spectacular. However, I was still excited to hear that about the new location because it is merely steps away from my office. A decent burger once in a while would be nice.

    I went there for lunch today. For some reason, I decided to get the chicken. I asked the cashier if they had “combo deals” that included a burger/chicken, fries, and a drink (I didn’t see one on the menu). She smiled and said, “Of course we have combo deals – that gets you fries and a drink.” So I ordered the chicken sandwich “combo deal” and had to fork over $12.30. I wasn’t happy. Looking over the receipt I realized there is no “combo deal” – there is a line item charge for everything without any discount. I would’ve passed on the $2 fountain drink considering I was taking it back to the office anyway.

    Anyway, I tried to forget about paying nearly $13 and went back to the office. This is when I was even more disappointed. The chicken breast was dry, very thin, and tiny. The bun looked just like the buns at McDonald’s. In fact, in all honesty, the grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald’s tastes better and the combo meal there is much cheaper. The fries were good. No complaints there.

    So if I go back, I’m trying the burger. Stay away from the chicken. The best chicken sandwich I’ve had in the midtown vicinity is at Island Burger & Shakes (technically outside the zone because it’s on 9th ave). They call it a churasco sandwich. It’s massive, fresh, and you can pick from dozens of toppings.

    I’m still hungry.

  • Dear Calling You Out,

    Did you have chicken @ a dining establishment known as Goodburger and have the audacity to bitch about it? It’s called Goodburger not Goodchickensandwich.

    Let me know how the cuban sandwich is at Katz’s.

  • Conrad,

    Let’s just say you’re lucky it’s a Friday and I’m out of here soon.

  • My luck is duly noted.

  • A cheesburger is around $7 and on its own, not enough to fill you up.

  • If you live in NY and get your burger at GoodBurger, Pop Burger, Zip Burger, Five Guys or Zen Burger, you might as well buy your sandwiches at Subway and your pizza at Sbarro. Come on people, these places are terrible on so many levels, let’s recognize.

  • Weak stuff.

    It is finally opened and a crew from work went today. It was good, over-priced for what you get and not enough food (for me). A bacon cheese-burger combo with a root beer cost me just under $14 and I was still hungry.

    Also, the fries and plain and bland – not different than shoe-string fries from a deli.

    And the bacon looked like the pre-cooked stuff you can get in the supermarket.

    No where near as good as 5 guys, but being 12 blocks from me, the walk can be far.


  • I hate Katz’s.

    It makes Parisians look friendly.

    ‘Sarah,im hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’

    5 Guys later,i shall be the one that says please and thank you.

  • Insanity, the burgers are outrageously overpriced and hardly any better than the slop at Wendy’s. I ordered a double burger and onion rings and was still HUNGRY even after forking over nearly $15. I could have gotten 4 Kati rolls for that kind of money.

    Goodburger, better burger, zip burger, etc. are a lot of crap. Overpriced and underwhelming. The best burger was from a greek diner that used to be in little neck, made fresh daily, with a POUND of meat, charred outside, medium rare goodness inside, and it cost $7.95 with fries and the works.

  • Just tried Goodburger for the first time to see what all the fuss is about.

    I ordered a double cheeseburger (with no extras), and onion rings. The bill was $15.17. Outrageous! If I hadn’t had an $8 discount from gomobo I would not have tried it.

    That said, the double cheeseburger was quite good and cooked to order. The onion rings were very tasty, as both the batter and the onions themselves have a sweet and tangy flavor. Someone mentioned the batter contains beer: it tastes like beer but I don’t know if it’s just chemicals or the real thing. However, they charge $3.50 or so for the rings and give you about 8 of em.

    Bottom line for me: the double cheeseburg + rings was plenty of food, although each on its own would not have been enough. I enjoyed the meal but the price is too ballsy – I will not be back unless I get another discount.

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