What’s that smell? (Co-worker lunches from the past few weeks)

Not surprisingly I have become the lunchtime stalker in my office.  Between Noon and 3pm, if you’re eating something and that smell is wafting between the cubicles, you can count on me to be there.  “What’s that smell?  What are you eating?  Where did you get that?” 

I’m sure there is one of these people in your office too… and if you’re a regular reader of this blog- then chances are that person is you.   See something good in your office?  Send it to zach@midtownlunch.com , or post it to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Page.

Here are some of the things I’ve smelled over the past few weeks…

Tilapia Fish Special from the Kwik Meal Cart (45th & 6th)

The Filet Mignon Sandwich from Starwich (on 38th btw. 5+6th). 

Starwich is like the ’wichcraft, before there was ‘wichcraft.  This particular sandwich is $12.95, making it outside Midtown Lunch price boundaries, but most of the sandwiches are under $10 (including a braised short rib sandwich on challah that looks pretty good to me).

Some street meat, and a different looking chicken parm sub after the jump…

Chicken Parm Sandwich from Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck (Two Locations)

Lamb & Chicken Combo from Rafiqi’s (Multiple Locations)

Stewed Peas w/ Dumplings from the Jamaican Dutchy (51st & 7th)

Got some lunchtime photos to share?  Email them to me at zach@midtownlunch.com or post them to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Page.


  • that looks more like chicken fingers with melted cheese, poor excuse for a chicken parm sandwich, although jianetto’s does make a great grandma slice

  • i was going to say mozeralla stick parmasian

  • Yesterday I had the $3 “Jumbo Chicken Sandwich” from Cafe Zaiya and at least four people stopped by my cube to ask me (in mid chew) what I was eating & where did I get it…..then later on in the day I was eating the spicy tuna rice triangle from Cafe Zaiya, 3 more people asked me where’d I get it. I sent them all a link to ML’s description of Cafe Zaiya. But I take full props in discovering the place on my own.

  • That Tilapia looks great. I always want to get the fish, but then I remember how good the lamb is there and I wus out. Also – the steak and cheese is very good there as well.

  • I used to really like the fish at Kwik Meal but the last couple times it’s been a bit undercooked.

  • I’m not exactly anti the pizza truck, but I think they make terrible pizza, that’s not a discount against the other terrible midtown pizza. It’s not fast, good, or cheap, so what’s the point?

  • I hate those people in the office who are nosy and ask what I’m eating. It’s annoying. They always have something to say about my food when it’s none of their business.

  • Worse are the idiots who ask what it is, decide they like it and tell you to pick some up for them the next time you go.

  • @Guy, Zach’s kind of made it his ‘business.’

  • @Marina — that spicy tuna rice ball shit from Zaiya is THE BOMB baby! God I love it. You know what else is absolutely incredible there is the mochi doughnut. I wrote a haiku about the mochi doughnut — here it is:

    Brown mochi dougnut,
    Chewy sweet twist of goodness,
    Oh! How to praise you?

  • Hmm, seems to be a haiku about “dougnut” which, while sexy perhaps, is also not delicious.

    Meant to write “doughnut” …

  • tuna & mayo rice ball at chiyoda is soooo much better than the cafe zaiya version

  • Todays lunch was Fish & Chips, pint of Boddingtons.

    I also bought Nancy a teddybear from Hamleys,we shall call it mohammed.

    nice weekend everyone.

  • Yum, Boddingtons. Nothing like honey in yer brew…

  • Loved this post… Despite its price ($14 including tax!), I was intrigued by the filet mignon sandwich, so I splurged (you know, it’s Monday). The meat wasn’t quite as tender as you’d expect for a filet– entire slices came out when I took a bite– and was faily well-done by default (perhaps I could have requested some bloodiness). Still, it was good and the aioli and crusty bread essentially made up for any misgivings. Thanks for sniffing this out!

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