Cosi introduces “Authentic” Flatbread Pizzas, New York goes “huh?”

I have a soft spot in my heart for Cosi.  The bread is just so damn good, and baked fresh right in the middle of the store.  We can make jokes about chains all we want, but a sandwich on fresh, brick oven baked bread is good.  I don’t care what anybody says.  And if you put free pieces in a bowl at the front of your establishment, I’m going to show up.

Pizza?  Now that’s a different story.  I’m sure when Cosi decided to add Flatbread pizzas to their menu, New York was not the market they had in mind.  Anybody who pays $7+ for a Cosi pizza, when there are great slices on every corner of the city, is just nuts.  That being said, if you love Cosi bread, and the idea of having two pieces of it for lunch, topped with mozzarella cheese, and their (too sweet for me) marinara sauce- you just might be into it.  Me?  If I ever move to Oklahoma, I’ll be all over this.  For now, I think I’ll stick with this or this or even this.


  • I’m with you on that – NY has got too many local joints that a chain pizza’s not worth the trip.

    That pizza does look good tho.

  • Good pizza seems harder and harder to find these days. I was severely disappointed by the pizza truck. The crust resembled a cracker and i wasn’t impressed by the sauce. My best guess (and I have a feeling that my best guess is pretty good) is that their oven is round 450*, no where near the temperature of making a decent slice.

    I’m with you on cosi in general. Why does lunch, like the price of a movie, inevitably come to more than $10 at these utterly generic locales?

  • I went to Cosi’s the other day, the free samples are 1/3rd the size it used to be!!

  • The Jamaican Dutchy’s back!

  • Best slice in the Bryant Park vic? Got a hankering for a couple of slices for lunch today, wanna try something different than my usual spot (Little Italy), otherwise might just be pickin up a pie from Lucali’s on my way home from work tonight-

  • This looks like an expensive, marginally upscale version of Subway’s “pizza,” which was similarly destined to happen eventually. Has anyone actually tried the Subway version?

  • Too frugal: Slice tried out the Subway pie a few months back, I have not (and will not) try it

  • THis may be sacriligous………..but the best pizza i ever had was in……..Cyprus.

  • Best slice I ever had was at a tiny hole in the wall shop around the corner from the Pantheon. He didn’t speak English, I didn’t speak Italian, but he understood as I took that first bite that I was in heaven. Amazing suppli too… anyone know where I can get a decent suppli in Midtown? I haven’t had one for years.

  • unfair slam on Oklahoma but agree that there is no need or reason to eat a Cosi pizza.

    For your information, in Tulsa and Norman (Oklahoma) there is great pizza to be had at Hideaway Pizza. Even by New York standards!

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