Do you want Red Snapper, or what’s in the Box???

Everybody knows how expensive Red Snapper is, and with good reason. Whether being used by seminal rock bands to pleasure groupies, spun on wheels of fish by Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles, or eaten at sushi restaurants, it is a very versatile, and delicious fish. Well, apparently some Midtown sushi restaurants are serving tilapia, and calling it Red Snapper. Inside Edition has the story

Some flat out refute the claim, some claim ignorance, and one lady just clearly doesn’t know how to read a package. Of course, even if the plastic package she brought out said “Red Snapper”, I still don’t think I would want to eat it.

A list of uncovered Midtown East sushi restaurants pulling the tilapia switcheroo, after the jump…

  • Akane Sushi, 39th btw. 2+3rd
  • East 53rd Teriyaki House, 53rd btw. 2+3rd
  • Tanaka Sushi, 51st btw. 2+3rd

The lesson: you get what you pay for. If Red Snapper costs $30 a lb., and you’re getting it for cheap from some dive in Midtown East, how surprised can you be that it’s crappy fish from a plastic bag?

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