Midtown PSA: Sleep at Work Tonight


The tree lighting ceremony is tonight.  So if you work in a Midtown building, that does not have an underground tunnel to the subway- don’t even bother trying to leave work.  What’s that?  You work 6 blocks and 2 avenues away from Rockefeller Center?  I defy you to ignore to the suckiness.  It’s impossible.  I’m angry right now- and I’m at my desk 36th floors above the madness.

Also, please refer as many tourists as possible to this site, forwarded to me by Profiled Midtown Lunch’er Conrad Logic.  ”The Ministry of Tourism Abatement“ will help them to follow important rules, such as “walk at a brisk pace”, don’t ask “directions from residents who are clearly busy” and “dine in chain and franchise restaurants only”.

This concludes the Midtown Public Service Announcement.


  • Phew! I was scheduled to be off today so I am happily staying home … hee hee. :o)

  • Crowds, yuk.
    I get “sidewalk rage.”
    Move it people! I’ll elbow ya!

  • If it’s tourist season, why can’t we shoot them?
    No, I’m normally not a homicidal maniac. I hate slow moving, crowded sidewalks though!

  • Come on – you have to help tourists.

    Show them where the good food spots are.

    Then take their wallets.

  • I LOVE that site!

    Can it please please please be made into flyers & forcibly distributed at every bridge, tunnel, dock and heliport in Manhattan?

    Only thing it’s missing is “Please don’t stop to check your cellphone messages just as you’ve begun to descend the subway station stairs at 6 pm”.

    Only thing is, I think that was a particularly clueless young local – she was too trendily dressed & the quality of her obliviousness was far less wide-eyed than the usual four-abreast tourist line.

  • @ $234m to the £,I may buy manhattan.

  • Oh. Look. There’s allegedly a big shiny tree on the other side of that tall building, so I think I will just stand here in the middle of the sidewalk with 34 of my closest friends, blocking the way for everyone else. Then once I’m done I’ll get really nutty and go to Applebee’s or Olive Garden, because there are only 6 of them within a mile of my home in East Nowheresville.

  • If you see an angry looking Asian women pushing through Ferris Bueller Daisy Chains of tourists you will know it is I.

    Gah! These tourists must originate from Cluelessville, USA. Dayum! It makes lunch time and commute walk to any major hub, Penn, grand Central, PA, impossible.

    Just hordes of clueless looking puffy jacket wearing velour suit wearing “Juicy” on their ass wearing idiots with their mouths open. Dude. I make more than 8.00 an hour at the Tastee Freeze or Joe’s Garage. Please get the F out of my way.

  • Myself and the present Mrs McBagel will be in nyc in two weeks.

    I shall Tazer any fucker that gets in my way.

    It’s the American way.

  • *sob* This is now directly affecting my Midtown-lunching. At the Indian steam-table joint I go to, I was stuck behind a couple (and yes, they were wearing puffy jackets too!) who took up no less than five minutes “deciding” what they wanted. Why not just get out of the way and discuss and let us regulars get our food? I tried not to roll my eyes. I really did.

  • Re: Rudy McBagel

    “Don’t tase me bro, don’t tase me”

  • what are y’all complaining about? I work in the damn tree building itself- 30 Rock. I can’t even get out the building! And I refuse to walk through the concourse (I hate the concourse, I hate the concourse). Midtown Lunchers team, come save me! Sorry Zach, I am bringing my lunch for the next month.

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