Free Yolato Day is a Scam!!!

Apparently Yolato, and their PR dept’s definition of “Free Yolato” is something entirely different than my definition. Free Yolato means that you are not charging money for Yolato… And yet today, I arrived at Yolato to find the cash registers up and running, and a Midtown Lunch reader being charged $4 for her order. I guess Free Yolato to them means tiny cups of plain Yolato, being handed out on the sidewalk in front of the store. I can get a free sample of Yolato at any location in the city, just by walking in and asking for it. How is this a “Grand Opening Celebration”???

When free food is your favorite thing in the universe, being denied a full serving of promised free food after walking 15 minutes expecting free food makes Zach a very unhappy fat man.

The Midtown Lunch boycott of Yolato has officially begun. I demand satsifaction!

Wednesday is Free Yolato Day in Midtown


  • John Jameson starts the flood of catty Gothamist commenters stopping by our usually idyllic little blog (ha!) I’m a tasti D girl myself. I’m old school like that. I want no actual edible ingredients in my ice cream substitute. See! I’m not *that* big a hippie!

  • John (11:56 pm) has been hitting the ‘Ol Jameson bottle a little too hard.

  • RE:Comment from Anon
    Time: November 14, 2007, 10:35 pm

    Yolato is claiming that nobody complained at the store. haha doesn’t sound like that to me

    That’s crazy!!! People were complaining! I saw Zach complaining, I was complaining, the people next to me were complaining. Jeez…

  • John Jameson , please refrain from these hurtful and damaging remarks.

    That’s my job.

  • I apologize Mr. McBagel for taking your job.

    And I like bourbon…

  • Omg, absolute tragedy

  • Haha I stopped by a Yolato (I think?) at Union Sq. when they opened and their free samples were teensy cups of plain or green tea yogurt… The saddest part was that a few weeks later, at JFK airport, random yogurt bearing people came up to us and gave us better samples with toppings! Hmph.

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