Midtown Links (The DOH, Five Guys, Best Food Truck, Bodega Challenge Edition)


  • From the Bodega Challenge:
    “Potato chips, Spam and beer,” said Erkkinen, pointing to a table laden with bubbly cheese-topped casseroles, “is like the trifecta of bodega cuisine.”

    “This is food you want to buy drunk,” joked emcee Matthew Carlin, “and food you want to eat drunk.”

    I have absolutely no problem with that.

  • I’ve been reading your blog since waaaay before I was a midtown luncher, hehe, and imagine my surprise today when I checked in and saw that you linked to my Woorijip & Treats Truck lunch with Robyn! Super thanks! :)

  • i really need to buy a pizza truck can any one send me some help

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