At Lunch Now: Qdoba is Coming…

Poor Chipotle.  It’s not the only McBurrito on the block anymore…

Qdoba, the fast food burrito place owned by Jack in the Box, is planning on a December 1st opening for their a new 53rd St. & 3rd Ave location.  Anybody ever tried this place?  I know there is one on 34th btw. 2+3rd, but I haven’t been able to make it there yet.  I’m guessing it’s just going to make me miss Baja Fresh more than I already do, but the Chicken Mole Burrito looks mildly intriguing… thoughts?


  • It’s fantastic.
    I recommend asking for the queso burrito, but with shredded beef. You won’t be disappointed.

  • It’s not fantastic, and it’s nowhere near Baja Fresh (what is?), but it’s good, and I’m glad to have another lunch option.

  • It’s much like Chipotle. You’re going to love it.

    You might feel guilty about loving it, though.

  • Why isn’t there a Jack in the Box in NY?
    Well, I will say this, Jack’s cheap tacos (2 for $1) were amazing in a purely fast food way. The whole thing is deep fried including the lettuce. Don’t knock it, it’s good! and it’ll put a dent in the worst hangover.

  • Don’t worry, you’ll be sure to get your overly stuffed burrito with mediocre ingredients and cilantro infused rice. It’s much like Chipotle.

  • has anyone here ever been to Green Cactus on Long Island? Very tasty quick-serve Mexican.

  • You really like Baja Fresh? I went to one on the campus (UT- Austin) and wasn’t ever impressed. 8-9 bucks for a quesadilla was pretty ridiculous I thought.

  • I like Baja Fresh for the simplicity of one item (which is all I ever ordered). Baja Chicken Burrito. Grilled Chicken. Pico de Gallo. Guacamole. Wrapped in a tortilla. Served w/ *FREE* tortilla chips. That’s it. No cilantro and lime rice. No craaaazy seasonings or sauce on the chicken. Simple and delicious.

  • I’ve never had baja fresh, so I don’t know what to compare it to but Qdoba is delicious. I’ve had their taco salad once and that was great.

    There used to be a Jack In the Box in Queens, about 10 years ago. For some reason, it didn’t do so well and ran out of business.

  • There are a lot Qdoba’s in Dallas (just like there are a ton of JITB). My friends and I once made a controversial “burrito” heirarchy.

    The group consensus was that Qdoba was always a notch under Chipotle, with local chain Freebird’s taking all around top honors.

  • Its nothing like Baja Fresh and everything like Chipotle; Boo!

  • Qdoba is better than Chipotle in my opinion. They make these killer chips, that have a hint of lime, and they gave them to you warm in a paper bag. The best part (besides the warmth) is that you can choose from, like, 15 excellent salsas and dips. Their queso is really good.

  • Ok, I know that this site is about NYC, but omg!! Let’s talk about how great Qdoba is. Anytime and I do mean anytime that I am in New Brunswick for any reason, I always go to the Qdoba Restaurant there. It’s always a nice filling lunch time special for me or even dinner. If you are ever in that area, pass through. It’s on George Street on the same side as the Starbucks & Ol’ Man Rafferty’s. Walking Distance from the NJ Transit train station. Email me if you need any more info. They need to pay me for this kind of advertising.

  • keep looking for a good burrito in ny

  • Qdoba is the poor man’s Chipotle and the rich man’s Baja Fresh.

  • I despise Qdoba… they put cilantro in everything from their salsa to their rice to their beans to their nachoes… wtf does that leave me?!

  • Coriander.

  • Qdoba isn’t that great…Baja Fresh is much better. WHEN will Baja Fresh open in NYC?!?!

  • Chipotle is better.

    I wasnt impressed with Baja Fresh either.

  • Cilantro, blech…tastes like soap. The most overrated herb in existence.

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