At Lunch Now: Five Guys Opens one day early!

Today was supposed to be a friends and family day, but the crowds were
too big and they didn’t want to disappoint the public, so… Five Guys
Burgers is officially open to all! Come and get ‘em…UPDATE (2:07pm):  Wow, sheer and utter pandemonium.  Ordered around 1:15pm.  Got our food around 1:45pm.  Madness.  All anger disappeared after the first bite.  Amazing…  more on this soon.


  • wow… IMO the only burger worth a two hour wait comes with a $50 bill at the center, and all the free beer you can drink while you wait.

    methinks i’ll wait this insanity out a bit before weighing in on the five guys dilemma.

  • How long before someone murders a fellow line-waiter at 5 Guys?

    Place your bets.

  • Chukstik you read my mind about the stench. I have been basically avoiding the rest of the people in my office since lunch because I smell like I took a bath in cooked chop meat. I now need to go home to shower and change before happy hour. Just one more way to waste my time today.

  • DDR, new Michael Moore flick

    Blowing in Queuelumbine.

    Nice weekend everyone, except you know……..them.

  • OBVIOUSLY you guys do not know what 5 Guys is all about, around the corner in the back is the GLORY HOLE, that’s what creates the long lines!

  • No burger is worth a 2 hour wait. The whitestone 5 guys is where the real experience is to be had. I’ve never seen it crowded, waited a long time or had a bad burger. I think this style of restuarant is not for midtown or anywhere in manhattan. There are just too many people to cook burgers to order. Oh, and by the way soggy fries proves this is true, I’ve never had one bad fry in whitestone. They even know the secret is frying them twice, like McD’s or or french “frites”.

  • I live in New Jersey and Five Guys has been opening up stores left and right. I’ve been to 3 in my area and never had to wait more than 5 minutes after ordering. I sit and eat the free peanuts they offer. Do they have these in N.Y.? Definitely the best fast food burger I’ve had. The fries are perfect as well. Never too oily. From what I hear, the food varies from location to location although all 3 that I’ve gone to have been consistent. The food is fresh and made to order. That’s why it takes awhile, especially in a store that has a lot of traffic. You would do better to go to one that doesn’t do the volume of business that this particular one does.

  • Great burger joint. Once the opening day kinks are worked out – I’m sure it will be a mainstay eatery in midtown Manhattan. Go FIVE GUYS!!!!!

    Great place for a burger and great place for man hunting.

  • The Nassau County Corrections Officers think that 5 Guys is the JOINT!!!
    Thanks for always thinking of those law enforcement guys behind the wall.

  • Gotta great burger, fries and a date – go go 5 Guys!!!

  • The Manager deserves a BIG PUNCH IN THE PUSS! The wait time was ridiculous and if he had half a brain he would’ve told customers about the insane wait time BEFORE they paid. Anyone with such little sense about customer service has NO business being in Manhattan! Burger was pretty good. If my wait time was 15 minutes or less I would certainly go back, but based on what I saw, no way (at least for a long long time).

  • 1.5 hrs for a burger…even a GREAT burger is ridiculous. Perhaps someone could organize a little networking group while waiting….or, speed dating. Hey, it’s NY; gotta be into that time management thing.

  • I went November 7th at about 8:00 at night so no line. I had a cheeseburger, which was very good. But in my opinion, Shake Shack is still tops for this type of burger in New York, and In N Out is tops in the US (and possibly the known universe).

  • I knew I shouldn’t have gone yesterday but the lure of a good burger had me under its spell. I wasn’t very impressed. Very long wait, terribly crowded and by the time I got back to my office, the burger was cold (and kinda bland). Yet the fries were hot. Maybe it’s the fries that are holding up the orders?

    All in all, I prefer (and I await your scorn) Goodburger.

  • I visit the one in Whitestone/College Point often and LOVE it, food is great, service is great, I haven’t been to the one in Manhattan yet, but look forward to checking it out.

    Moose, what was wrong with the burger when you went back to the one in Whitestone?

    Beancounter, the one in Whitestone is on 14th Avenue and 132nd Street, next to a CHASE bank, kind of a hidden location for a FIVE GUYS.

  • I had a great burger here and the fries were bangin! Got mine ATW (all the way). The wait was about 6 minutes but man what a freakin burger! The juice was running down my chin (easy there village boys).

    THe fries were off the hook. Nobody makes fresh fries anymore. I go to the one in midtown and also a couple in CT where I’m from. There’s one on Rt. 1 in orange and another in newtown ct. Keep it up FG!

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