At Lunch Now: Five Guys Opens one day early!

Today was supposed to be a friends and family day, but the crowds were
too big and they didn’t want to disappoint the public, so… Five Guys
Burgers is officially open to all! Come and get ‘em…UPDATE (2:07pm):  Wow, sheer and utter pandemonium.  Ordered around 1:15pm.  Got our food around 1:45pm.  Madness.  All anger disappeared after the first bite.  Amazing…  more on this soon.


  • Is it just me, or does that picture have only guys in it.
    Eat those burgers boys!

  • It’s really not that great.

  • It wasn’t worth it. Maybe when there are no lines.

  • You blasphemers probably hate taco bell too. Now if only we could convince the folks at five guys to set up a taco bell window…

  • clearly this is where I should be Husband Hunting.

  • Looks like a village people convention.

  • What are their hours?

  • Just went to the Brooklyn Five Guys tonight. Until the craze at the Midtown location dies down I’ll continue hitting up that one. Still one of the best burgers in NYC.

  • Sarah’s funny! I’ve been to the one in Whitestone twice. The first time, it was delicious. The second time I went, it was disgusting.

    Should I go for a third, or quit while I’m ahead?

    I have to say that the cajun fries are great though. My favorite midtown burger is still burger joint.

  • Geez, Sarah hahaha, I thought the same thing when I saw that photo! Why should bars get all the pick-up glory? It’s much more indicative of common interests if you’re both eating cajun fries, I think.

  • I tried Burger Joint and was thoroughly unimpressed. The burgers were dry and insipid. Definately not worth the 40 minute wait.

  • Can someone tell me about the well done burger and why we should bother? It sounds like a huuuuge waste of time.

  • Hilarious both Mamacita and Sarah!

    Gotta think a burger really is a “guy thing.” That’s why Rudy McB is so disturbed — an Englishman isn’t really a “guy.” He might be male, but not a male. For example, if you could blow up the above photo you’d see that all of these burgereaters have hairy, bloody knuckles.

  • Obviously meant “he might be male, but not a guy.”

    I was busy licking grease off my fingers.

  • Very homoerotic.

  • You have no idea…

  • Went to Five Guys for lunch today (at 11:45am), their second day of being open. I waited in line for 15 minutes to place my order. Not bad. However, I then had to wait AN HOUR AND A HALF for my order to be made! My order consisted of 2 burgers, 2 fries! It was complete chaos in there. They simply couldn’t handle the flow of people. The fax was broken and called in orders weren’t being filled. So anyone who came in saying they faxed or called in, immediately got served and everyone else who had been waiting in line for an hour or more was forced to wait longer (all the fax and call in orders consisted of at least 15 burgers each). No one was telling the people just joining the line how long their wait would be. Most people were beyond pissed off and vowed never to go back again, including yours truly.

    That being said, it was one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had. Perfectly cooked, great condiments, lots of beef. The fries, however, were another story. They were soggy to the point of being wet with oil, way too salty, and broken into tiny quarter inch pieces.

    It’s such a shame the place is so poorly run. Hopefully, they will have their acts together in a few months. Although, they may lose their entire customer base by then.

  • JESUS!!!!!
    I waited for an HOUR AND A HALF after I paid………
    This place needs a lesson in supply chain management…..

    The burger was AWESOME-
    Was it worth the wait though????- Maybe… But no one said anything about it- The line was fairly short and i assumed i would wait 15 maybe 20 mins, but waited over an hour…

    Then the manager, Sal, was graciously attending to all of the pain in the a$$ customers that were complaining and paying no mind to the normal people that would come back day after day…..

    Frankly the burger was good, but the process of getting it was unfair and inefficient….
    I WILL NEVER GO BACK (at least not at Peak time- The burgers are bad ass)

  • Moose……where in Whitestone?

  • I mut have been chatting with MK and Johnny in line. I arrived at 12:30, ordered and paid at 12:46, and finally got my food at 2:20. Same deal. Burger was decent, but no way in hell is it worth that wait, especially when there’s no indication given that you’ll be waiting that long. And there’s no way it SHOULD take that long. I know it’s better than fast food, but a fast food place gets hit with buses of schoolkids and they move them through in a third of the time it took this place to feed a hundred office workers.

    Plus, after standing right by their counbter waiting for food for the past two hours, I’ve now taken on an aroma that I haven’t oozed out since my days of working at McDonald’s in high school. A coworker just came into my office and said, “God, you absolutely REEK of burgers.”

    Think that eau de bouef will get me any action tonight?

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