A Bar Menu Loophole Makes Del Frisco’s a Midtown Lunch!

***UPDATE: The price of this deal has gone up to $11.95 since this piece was written*** 

This is not a typo people.  You are not seeing things.  This week I made an amazing discovery, that adds Del Frisco’s (the enormous, upscale and extremely expensive steakhouse in the middle of Midtown Manhattan) to the list of official Midtown Lunches.  THE Del Frisco’s.  If you work in Midtown you have been to or know someone who has eaten, or more than likely work for someone who has eaten, at Del Frisco’s.  All on the company dime, of course… after all, nobody pays for Del Frisco’s themselves!

Until today.  Do not mistake this for a drill.  This is real.  I have discovered a loophole in the Del Frisco’s cortex that may stop the space time continuum.  There is a meal…. at Del Frisco’s… that is delicious… and filling… that involves steak… and it is $9.95.  I am not shitting you!  While reading Andre Mika’s review of Del Frisco’s for dinner on his blog “Fork New York” I noticed this little mention:

I’ve been preaching about the filet tips and mashed potatoes on the bar menu for 2 years now (yes, they are still there for $10)…

That can’t be, right?  $10?  The burger there is $13.95.  How could steak, in any form be less?  But sure enough- I went to this place where Onion Rings cost $12.95, and poor men dare to dream, and there it was.  Right there in plain English.  At the top of the bar menu…

Filet tips w/ Chateau Potatoes.  $9.95.  Meaning that if you ignore the tax & tip (which we clearly will), eating at the Bar of Del Frisco’s is now… a Midtown Lunch!

Steak tip porn, after the jump…


From the first bite, you know you are in for a treat.  Despite the average price, these are not your average steak tips.  They are Del Frisco’s Steak Tips, and they tasted every bit like Del Frisco’s steak tips.  The bartender recommended getting them cooked Medium, so I obliged.  They came out on the Medium Well side, but they were still perfectly tender… especially when compared to your average crappy bar in NYC steak tips. 

6 decent size tips, surrounding a big pile of “Chateau Potatoes”, which are basically seasoned mashed potatoes with the skins left on.  (When my boss heard that “chateau” just meant they left the skins on, he commented that he made potatoes like this all the time, but called them “lazy man potatoes”.)  The potatoes were delicious, and the steak tips were out of this world.  Of course, I’ve never eaten off the real menu at Del Frisco’s so I have nothing to compare it to, but after trying the filet tips, I can honestly say I will gladly eat the throwaway bits off of rich peoples’ expensive steaks any day (especially for $10).

If you are not a big fan of black pepper, you might complain a little bit about how much pepper the steak tips are seasoned with- but to that I’d say, “Quit your freaking complaining,  you’re eating at Del Frisco’s for $9.95.”  The one thing to remember is the Filet Tips are on the “Bar Menu”, which you have to ask for specifically, and only available at the bar.

If you want to skip out on the whole tipping thing, call and order it to-go.  For me, it’s worth the extra couple bucks to sit at the bar of Del Frisco’s and see how the other half lives…


  • Delicious steak & filling mashed potatoes at a restaurant that nobody can afford to eat at without a corporate card… for only $9.95.  What bigger + do you need?
  • If you eat at the bar, you get free bread & butter!
  • It’s pretty quick, ordering at the bar.  We were in and out in about 40 minutes.


  • No complaints here!  (Although for some, the $4 sodas and copious amounts of black pepper that cover the steak might be cause for complaint.)
  • The plate looks small when they first bring it out, but don’t let your eyes deceive you.  For $10, it’s plenty of food…

Del Frisco’s, 1221 Ave. of the Americas (btw. 48+49th), 212-575-5129.


  • I think you were looking at the paper lunch menu (which they lay over all the plates at the bar). You have to actually ask for the “Bar Menu” which is leather bound…

  • There wouldn’t happen to be a salad option instead of potatoes? I don’t need potatoes AND bread.

    I imagine a glass of wine itself would probably cost more than the filet tip special.

  • My husband (much older than me, if that exciters you) is a retired “educator” and a man of gentility and fine breeding. His largesse has enable me to launch both my own laser hair removal facility and a career as a caberet performer. He also paid for minor plastic surgery such that I more closely resemble the inimitable Bea Arthur, the focus of my show. We jointly purchased a luxury motor home in which we travel the country so that I can perform in supper clubs and compete in professional eating contests.

    We have all this (and more!) because we eat at Red Lobster and Denny’s. Good food at even better prices.

    Without his careful money management, I’d still be working as a prison nurse.

    Please do not slur this fine man.

  • Haaaa! Oh my, that’s some good comedy.

  • Pikey’s.

  • The original poster’s remarks (about people’s behaviors at buffets) highlight why my wife and I will NEVER eat at a buffet (restaurant, that is).

    Frankly, I think that people who patronize buffet restaurants (especially so-called Asian buffet restaurants) are gambling with their health.

    And my wife (proprietress of a successful laser hair removal facility) totally agrees with me.

    I have a PhD, by the way.

  • WTF is up with people? And is DF really that expensive? Now I’m really mad. BF ate there with company ppl and raved about it; a few months later decided to take his mother there for her birthday or some special occasion and I was invited but declined so they could have mother/son time. Boo. But dinner didn’t come out to that much- I think it was like, what, $300 for the two of them?… yeah. I’ve lived in NYC too long.

  • I am a PROFESSIONAL CHEF who was educated by Peter Kump (after I was busted outta high school in Brooklyn).

    And I want to tell you about that guy DocChuck. He gets on my nerves big time and i don’t have to take it anymore becuse i moved to Clearwater Florida and am living with another lizzie in my used trailer house.

    Thats why i write stuff about the jerk using his own name “DocChuck”. Man am i clever or what.

    You can check out my tattoos on MySpace (therealchiffonade). You will droll over my hourglass figure, but be careful cause my latest gig “THE MANAGER” will flatten you if you try any funny stuff.

    DocChuck and you people make me sick talking about expensive resturants. Some of us cant stretch our welfare checks farther than McDs.

  • DocChuck is a troll and a madman and a liar. Learn about him here: http://www.docchuck.com

    Zach you should ban him from posting on your blog and delete future comments from this tired sick old nasty little man.

  • I visited Del Friscos this week, sat down at the bar and looked at the lunch menu. No mention of the special. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • I think you have to look at the “Bar Menu” not the regular lunch menu.

    Re: CocDuck…. another DocChuck personality perhaps? That website you pointed to really sucks.

  • This still exists, just go into the bar and sit down and order the “Steak Tips” medium or medium rare, as mine came out more on the well side. It is a good lunch deal if you are looking for some steak and potatoes. $16.74 with an Ice Tea. Worth it though.

  • Tried this for the first time today. Delicious. However my coworkers and may have overdone it with the beverages as our tab came out to around $50 a piece.

    Worth it and definitely will do again! Thanks for this!

  • FYI, the steak tip bar deal is now up to $12.95. But it was very delicious and is a nice reward lunch for when $ isn’t a big issue for you that day.

  • It makes me wonder how much longer ML can hold to the $10 limit until all that affords the site is pizza and streetmeat.

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