Today is the last day to enjoy the Jamaican Dutchy (for a little while) & the original House of Pita (forever)

Midtown is about to lose an O.G. lunch destination…

House of Pita has lost the lease to their original location- the window space on 48th btw. 5+6th.  You can still enjoy their delicious falafels & burekas (plus more) at the newer full service location on 46th btw. 5+6th,  but today is the last day to get your fix out of the window.  It was one of my first Midtown Lunches, and I will miss it (the window, that is).

The Jamaican Dutchy Cart on 51st & 7th will also be closed starting tomorrow.  More on that, after the jump…

The permit for the Jamaican Dutchy Cart expires 10/31, so they are closing while they wait for the new permit.  The guy who runs the cart told me they will definitely be back by November 12th by the latest, but possibly/hopefully earlier.  Can’t live without Jamaican food?  Get your fix today, before it’s gone…


  • House of Pita has excellent, fresh tasting falafel. The falafel is far superior to Kosher D., Moshe’s Cart, Bread & Olives, etc.

    However, it’s not the best value, as they don’t let you load up with fixins like Kosher D.

    It’s always a difficult decision.

  • i ususally choose house of pita over kosher deluxe, their falafel is fantastic and their blintzes are delicious.

  • Oh I sure hope Dutchy gets his permit. Can we start a petition for him? :)

  • if you get a platter at house of pita, its well worth the value

  • got the falafel today from them on their last day. Delicious! And yes, the blintz was heavenly too. Thanks again for the suggestion.

  • when is the cart coming back? I went by today to get some food and there was only a pretzel cart there! It’s already the 14th!

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