It’s Free Taco Day, Thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury…

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Don’t forget that today is the day to cash in courtesy of Taco Bell & Jacoby Ellsbury, the Boston Red Sox player who stole a base during the World Series, earning everybody in the U.S. a free seasoned beef taco.  

This promotion will test the “How far is Zach willing to walk for free food” question.  Normally, the answer is “As far as it takes”, but even I’m a little skeptical of this one.  Do I really want to walk 15 minutes for something that a) costs less than a dollar, and b) I probably wouldn’t even touch on my hungriest day.  Now, if it was a Free Chicken Gordita Surpreme, then we’d be talking…

Free tacos are available from 2-5pm, making it the perfect afternoon snack (under the “If it costs less than $1, it’s a snack” rule.)   Here are the Midtown locations of Taco Bell:

  • 525 8th Ave (btw. 36+37th), (212) 216-0997
  • 875 Avenue of the Americas (at 31st St.), (212) 947-0859  I could have swore there was a Taco Bell/KFC near Koreatown… did it close?  Is it not there anymore?
  • 713 829 3rd Ave. (btw. 50+51st), (212) 758-5900 (sorry!)

A word of warning… the 8th Ave. location is under the impression that the promotion is from 3-5pm, so you may want to show up a little later for that one, or call ahead to see if they’ve smartened up!


  • There’s no Taco Bell on 3rd btwn 44th and 45th… there’s one further up, which is the one pictured.

  • I’ve only eaten Taco Bell twice in my life, neither time by choice. Anyone else get skeeved out by the place? It’s that urban legend with the roaches that really got to me, but the conditions of their restaurants don’t really even begin to refute my possibly irrational fears.

  • If I was starving I wouldn’t eat Taco Bell. I would sooner eat a can of Kal Kan.

  • There is no Taco Bell on 6th & 31st.

  • As far as I am concerned it does not get closer to heaven than free crunchy tacos at Taco Bell.

  • Taco Bell is a little bit like heaven. Only if they had nacho cheese sauce instead of angels and tacos instead of pearly gates. Seriously, how can anyone not like Taco Bell? It’s cheap, it’s delicious and it’s good for you! Each lovingly hand-made taco is artisinally crafted to contain 10g of protein, 100% of your RDA for all vitamins and minerals and only 8 calories!

  • The Taco Bell in question on 6th closed a few years ago.

  • Taco Bell on 3rd avenue is quality. Hosted in the back of a the Liberty Deli. The unequally shared sign space lets you know what the real draw is to this location. I’ve eaten here a few times and quality has been excellent. Can’t say the same for the TBell/Dunkin Donuts on 8th avenue (also that location is sketch).

    Taco Bell is awesome I don’t care what anyone says. If you don’t like Tbell than you shouldn’t really call yourself a foodie because you should be able to find gloriousness in almost anyfood end of story. Hard shell beef taco supreme is my staple. Crunch melt is excellent especially when fresh. If you haven’t been to Tbell in some time you need to revisit and enjoy it!!!

  • 7 Layer Burrito


    Bean cheese burrito with onions and (not on the menu and only for the true believers) GREEN SAUCE!

  • I heart the tostada. You usually have to order it specially, and sometimes they give it to you on the BS “mexican pizza” shell instead of the hard corn shell, but it is totally worth the 89 cents.

    But heed my brother-in-law’s words of wisdom… you might as well buy it, take it home, and throw it in the toilet.

  • Spicy chicken crunchwrap supreme! For all those late night munchies.

  • Mad. @ 28th location was completely unprepared for even a moderate rush of free-taco-seekers (approx. 10). However, after persevering, a free taco was obtained, and all was crunchy taco-licious heaven. Thank you, Jacoby Ellsbury, and thank you, Yum Brands.

  • man, why do taco bells have to be so far away? this would be so much easier in the burbs. plus i don’t know what people are skeeved out about. if that stuff was gonna kill me, i’d be dead a long time ago. as it stands today, i feel fine.

  • Saw this too late :( I had takeout (a ribeye and calamari) for lunch already.

  • Yesterday I saw that someone on the interweb has coined the phrase “Tacoby Bellsbury”. Best name ever.

  • Dammit! I missed out! I was totally home sick yesterday!

  • Also, Mamacita remains my new fave.

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