Free Todd English Food Today in Midtown

I wouldn’t normally publicize such a stupid marketing gimmic, but it’s free food- and I feel it’s my duty to inform you about any food being given away in Midtown (whether it’s Chipotle, coffeeice cream, or airline food).  Delta Airlines has opened Sky 360, a lounge for business people to sit, relax and enjoy a number of different things that will apparently entice you to fly Delta Business Class.  This includes magazines, newspapers, coffee, Coke, and airline snacks (like Sun Chips and other stuff), all for free. 

PLUS on Wednesdays from Noon to 1pm, they will be serving free samples from their new line of in flight meals, designed by Chef Todd English.  That’s right.  Free food.  Free soda.  Free snacks.  Awww yeah.  Ironically, if you can afford to fly business class (or have the type of job that would fly you business class) you probably aren’t going to go out of your way for a free bag chips.  I’m not complaining of course.  It just means more for the rest of us!

The Sky 360 is on the corner of 57th & 6th Ave., and will be open weekdays from now until November 10th.


  • hmm.. no comments on this. i guess no one went. they were giving out free umbrellas and 64mb flash drives.

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