Damn You Cursed Cosi Cookie!


Yesterday I walked into my boss’ office and spotted a giant cookie on his desk from Cosi, still in it’s plastic wrapping.  I looked closely at the cookie, and despite how tasty it appeared to be, I knew that he had not meant to purchase this particular cookie.  It had raisins in it.  And while many people enjoy a good oatmeal raisin cookie from time to time, there was something about this raisin cookie, clearly masquerading as a chocolate chip cookie, that said to me ”this was a mistake”.

Me: “Hey man.  What’s up with the cookie?”

Boss: “Awww yeah.  Looks delicious, right?”

Me: “Really?  I think you might have bought the wrong cookie.”

Boss: “What do you mean?  Cosi cookies are great.”

Me: “That cookie has raisins in it.”

Boss: “No.”  (looks closer at cookie) “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  It was in the chocolate chip cookie bin.  Those bastards!”

It’s not hard to see how he made the mistake.  From afar it looked like a chocolate chip cookie.  Even one of the raisins had smeared up against the plastic wrapping, saying ”Look at me!  I’m like a melted chocolate chip!  Hahaha! You wanted a dessert, but now you’re eating healthy fruit!!!”

Is there anything worse than biting into a cookie you think is filled with chocolate chips, only to discover raisins?  Luckily I was  able to save my boss in time.  Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.  Never trust signs.  And never trust raisins. 

In a related story, the Treats Truck is on 38th St. & 5th Ave. today.  Got a favorite cookie in Midtown?  Post it as a comment below…


  • thoughts on rudy “annoying” mcbagel? i would love to hear some people’s theories out there…

  • Lovely bloke, uses a screen name instead of Anonymous, who must be french.

  • Rudy, hobnobs rawk! You can get them here in the states. yummy!

  • Sarah – I tried the caramel creme sandwich at the truck today and it was delicious, although I think that my friend’s oatmeal jammy was better.

  • Rudy is hilarious! Give him some props that he can make everyone laugh, hate the French and still add his 2 cents and he doesnt even live in the US!

  • rudy mcbagel…i thought you lived in the UK…so with the time difference and judging from the time on your posts….you’re on at ALL hours of the day/night…nothin better to do eh rudy?

  • sat in my london flat.itssssss 8.24pm GMT, ive been to the gym.eaten my supper and watching football(saaaaccccuuuuur, to you). It’s either this or beddy bo’s.

  • i’m not the biggest desert eater, but i have such a soft spot for Black & White cookies. Where’s the best in midtown?

  • I’m with Hungry Already: Rudy’s wacky hijinx and transatlantic shit-talking are half of the reason I check in on this site on a daily basis. Keep it coming!

  • Seriously, I’m tired of those pre-packaged black & white cookies with icing that sticks to the plastic–any great, fresh ones in midtown? BTW, I have to second the ‘wichcraft chocolate sandwich cookie. They also do a smashing peanut butter one–has a nice salty hint, and the cookies are encrusted with coarse sugar. yum.

  • Rudy is funny. Even though I am korean and do object to the kitty comments, even I can separate and appreciate his brit humor and smack talk.

    starbucks now has black and white cookies but they are prepackaged.

    I’d try buttercup bakery isn’t that the one on like 3rd ave or something?

  • Sorry Buttercup bake shop on 2nd and 52nd

  • I thought about becoming a regular commenter on a London lunch blog, but I think that would cause a ripple in the universe and time would explode.
    Black&White – Cafe Provance/Provence is gone! I never had their black n/ white cookies but their rugelach was awful. But everything else they had was good.

  • Ah, no, Kitchen Provance exists still, but on 3rd ave and 34th street, where it is of no use to anyone. But their Black and Whites are the best ever. Still so, I imagine.

  • My vote is for chocolate chip. Sometimes I don’t want to choose between oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip and I head over to Amy’s Bread on 9th for the “kitchen sink” cookie. Definitely not the best cookie ever (they tend to be dry – add butter Amy!), but hefty and chock full of stuff. I also hit the Whole Foods bakery section for cookies – even the vegan ones are yummy.

    Rudy cracks me up too – now that we’ve stroked your ego, will you be a profiled luncher already?

  • In Holland I read about a chocolate chip cookie with low fat/calories/oil. The writer bougt it at Grand Central, NY. The place is called ‘DISHES’.
    Can anyone tell me if I can order them online from Holland?

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