Damn You Cursed Cosi Cookie!


Yesterday I walked into my boss’ office and spotted a giant cookie on his desk from Cosi, still in it’s plastic wrapping.  I looked closely at the cookie, and despite how tasty it appeared to be, I knew that he had not meant to purchase this particular cookie.  It had raisins in it.  And while many people enjoy a good oatmeal raisin cookie from time to time, there was something about this raisin cookie, clearly masquerading as a chocolate chip cookie, that said to me ”this was a mistake”.

Me: “Hey man.  What’s up with the cookie?”

Boss: “Awww yeah.  Looks delicious, right?”

Me: “Really?  I think you might have bought the wrong cookie.”

Boss: “What do you mean?  Cosi cookies are great.”

Me: “That cookie has raisins in it.”

Boss: “No.”  (looks closer at cookie) “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  It was in the chocolate chip cookie bin.  Those bastards!”

It’s not hard to see how he made the mistake.  From afar it looked like a chocolate chip cookie.  Even one of the raisins had smeared up against the plastic wrapping, saying ”Look at me!  I’m like a melted chocolate chip!  Hahaha! You wanted a dessert, but now you’re eating healthy fruit!!!”

Is there anything worse than biting into a cookie you think is filled with chocolate chips, only to discover raisins?  Luckily I was  able to save my boss in time.  Let this be a lesson to the rest of you.  Never trust signs.  And never trust raisins. 

In a related story, the Treats Truck is on 38th St. & 5th Ave. today.  Got a favorite cookie in Midtown?  Post it as a comment below…


  • I get unwanted cookies from this site every day. :)

  • thanks for the treats truck heads up…i’m definitely going to get myself a mexican brownie today!

  • Dishes on 5th and 45th has far-and-away the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve found in the area. If there’s a better one I want to know about it!

  • I LOVE oatmeal raisin cookies – I might almost be happy to learn that I was tricked. Chocolate chip cookies are a dime a dozen, a good OR cookie makes my day. Only if they’re soft though. No crunchy cookies please.

    For Midtown – Ruby et Violette on W. 50th has AWESOME cookies..

  • My favorite cookie is made at Levain Bakery, but that’s not in Midtown.
    ‘Wichcraft has an excellent chocolate-chocolate “oreo” type cookie. Very rich chocolate flavor.

  • Mmmm Levain Bakery makes delicious cookies (chocolate chip walnut one of my favorites) – but yes – it’s up the on the UWS, not a quick hop, skip and a jump from the office unfortunately :(

  • Cookies = girlie food

    DDR im quite frankly horrified.

  • it’s biscuits, rudy. but you knew that already, right?

  • anyone know where to find a good snickerdoodle in the city?

  • Corrado Bread in Grand Central market has the best desserts in midtown.

  • hahhahahahah. what a great post.

    ate a fried oreo at the san gennaro festival. i was going to barf happiness.
    this has nothing to do with midtown. but had to share.

  • Dunkin Donut Chocolate Chip Cookies are pretty good.

  • Glad to hear I horrified you, Rudy.

  • think you’re running out of places to write about…last few weeks have been a bit boooring!

  • I hate to say that the oatmeal rasin cookie at Dishes is one the yummiest things in Midtown. I feel dirty :-(

  • If your boss doesn’t want that cookie can *I* have it? Oatmeal Raisin cookies are the best b/c you can justify having them for breakfast. The Treats Truck Caramel Creme Sandwich cookie is my fave cookie in the area hands down.

  • Hobnobs,Jaffa Cakes,Wagon wheels = man food

  • This goes against everything I stand for, but Starbuck’s snickerdoodle’s are actually not that bad. Maybe it is just the paucity of snickerdoodle’s around these parts that makes it seem good.

    Boulet bakery has great cookies. Oatmeal raisin sucks, but the chocolate chip cookies at Cosi aren’t much better.

    And yesterday the Treats Truck was at 45th and 7th – maybe they’re going to do more midtown locations every week now!

  • …..i have this alarming mental image of DDR,standing with a finger on his lip…looking at the cookies/biscuits……….” this will simply ruin my atkins……”

  • Provence (I think they spelled it Provance), which was on 45th between 5th and 6th, had the most amazing black and white cookies ever, the ones that tasted the way you realized (once you ate one) that they were always meant to taste. It disappeared along with Vega House when they evicted everyone to dig that big pit. Does anyone know where it has gone?

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