PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Zack” (Not me)

Every Tuesday I turn over Midtown Lunch to a random worker, for their favorite places to eat lunch in Midtown. This week it’s Zack (not me, as you can tell by the spelling), a 27 year old software developer who has discovered the holy grail, just outside the boudaries of Midtown Lunch’ing.  A Chinese/Cuban combo restaurant on 60th btw. Lex & Park…

Name: Zack


Software Developer

Where in Midtown do you Work?:
59th & Lexington, the Siberia of Midtown

Favorite Kind of Food:
Cheeseburgers and beer. Particularly those from Paul’s on 2nd Ave (in the East Village) or Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien.

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Sun-dried tomatoes. There is no limit to my loathing for their nastiness.

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch in Midtown: Gotta go with the “C4″ Shrimp and lobster sauce lunch special at Sabroso Cuban+Chinese on 60th btw. Lex and Park. For $6.95 you get Chinese and Cuban cuisine coming out of the same kitchen. Some of the best egg rolls I’ve ever had. All lunch combos automatically come with a distinctly Cuban version of fried rice. Nice little pork chunks in there. If you’re not feeling the Chinese, go for the half of a fried chicken or the pork cracklin. Most lunch specials under 10 bucks.

The “go-to” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often: Go Noodle! on 1st ave btw. 58th and 59th. The soup is awesome. Especially when it’s cold out. I get excited just thinking about this place. Fresh noodles and veggies make the ramen and other noodle soups the best on the menu. They are slow as balls to deliver, but well worth it. I can’t wait for winter so I can get me some of this good good hot soup.

Place you discovered thanks to Midtown Lunch: Rafiqi’s cart. Booya. Lamb & Chicken combo please.  (I actually still haven’t written about Rafiqi’s.  I know… it’s shameful.  But I know other people have mentioned it on the site, so I’m happy to take credit for it!  -zach)

If you could work anywhere (just because of the lunch) where would it be and why? I’d have to go with Tribeca for many reasons.

1) Cookies from Columbine.
2) Shrimp baguette and coffee from Franklin Station Cafe
3) All drumstick hot chicken box from Bon Bon Chicken
4) Fried Dumpling on Mosco St. (6/$1)
5) Peking Duck house on Mott
6) Coconut rice and Pad See Mao at Pongsri on Bayard.
7) Bacon & Beer Mussels or the burger @ Le Petite Abeille
8) Beef-short-rib-and-kimchi Sandwich served on mantou @ Province – Church St.

Anything you’d like to ask the Midtown Lunch readers? I’d like to know what your theories are on why there are so many crappy-ass delis in midtown. Do people really like paying $8 for a turkey sandwich on stale flimsy bread? The once exception to this is Madeline’s Cafe on 56th between Lex & 3rd. Good sandwiches here. Fresh ingredients, good bread, place is clean, good baked goods too.

Um… isn’t it pretty obvious?  Because people are lazy!  Well, that- and because the majority of the people who work in Midtown suck.  If you haven’t noticed, just look around your office (if you are reading this, you know you’re not one of them.)  But either way you look at it, it’s our fault.  We are the reason these lame places are still open.  Stop eating at crappy Midtown delis, and they will start closing (or at least add better and more interesting options.)  The revolution starts here!

Actually… wait.  I take that back.  We need crappy Midtown delis to distract the others from the good places.  Imagine what the crowds would be like at our favorite lunch spots if there weren’t places like Chipotle to keep the herds occupied.  Yes.  We need these places.  Keep doing what you are doing Cafe Metro!  You are my heroes after all…    

Next week, I will be in the UK- so I’m handing over the site to you!  Every day next week, a different Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er will take over Midtown Lunch (and be rewarded with a prize for their efforts).  Want that person to be you? Email me at


  • > I’d like to know what your theories are on why there are so many crappy-ass delis in midtown

    Well Zack, it’s out of you area, but to ZACH, I haven’t seen Homefront Deli mentioned here. It’s right across from your “Holy Trinity” on 41st, and is, in my opinion, the best “real” deli in NYC.

    The Grilled Pastrami & Swiss is heaven, burgers are great, and their cold sandwich’s pack some real heft without costing $10.

    Try the “Roman” sandwich, basically and Italian Hero. Get it with the hot cherry peppers. You can get out with that sammy and a drink for like $6 or so. I guarantee you’ll be full. It gets crowded, it’s a little hole in the wall. There are two lines, one for hot & one for cold, so make sure you’re on th right one.

  • Have you ever eaten at Follow me Caffe (62nd & Lex)? If I worked in your ‘hood I’d probably get lunch there a few times a week. Tasty crepes, sandwiches and salads.

  • I’ll check out Follow me Caffe today! Thanks fed

  • Is that LIC in the background? Zack on the prowl for hot Queens chicks. WTB meatopia – mmmmm Now there’s some good grub.

  • So Zach – now that you are going to the UK – are you having lunch with Rudy McBagel????

  • That was MY question also, H-A !!!

  • i’ll second homefront. used to work on 41st & madison. i know this is a lunch blog, but nothing beats their egg sandwiches on a hungover friday morning.

  • Not only am I not having lunch with Rudy McBagel, but I’m starting to think he doesn’t exist (as a person, who lives in London, anyway). He agreed a few weeks ago to be profiled, and I was planning on kicking off my week away with him- but so far I haven’t seen anything… very disappointing.

  • Zack – check on the prices first, it’s been a while since I’ve been there so I don’t know if they’ve raised them.

  • Are we going to get an ML special from London? You’ll be hard pressed to find cheap eats in that city. I blew through way too much $$$ my last trip there – and I even avoided all major tourist traps. Lunch for under $10? What is that? Like 5 pounds? I don’t think that’s possible.

  • Rudy! Stop being all Tyler Durden and explain yourself! Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he/she doesn’t exist. I’ve had my theories from the beginning. Also he said he’s from Shropshire which everyone knows is one of those places that only exists in Jane Austen novels.

  • C’mon Rudy – step into the line of fire…

  • Heh, when the tables are turned…Rudy plays Scadoodle…

  • Nice converted farmhouse outside Shrewsbury,Shropshire.It does exist.Work in London during the week.

    I shall endevour to get a profile and pic sorted this week.Ive been busy being nice.

    Zach, you may need PTSD therapy after London prices.

    5 quid will get you eel pie and mash in the eastend tho.

  • If we want to get profiled, we just fill out the form and send a picture, right?

  • C’mon, Rudy,
    You can’t be too busy to put together a little something for us Midtown Lunch folks! Throw us a bone!

  • For you Nancy,anything.

  • I was wrong, Homefront Deli isn’t across from the “Holy Trinity” on 41st it’s on the next block between 5th and Park.

  • fedthefish: Follow Me Caffe is really good stuff if a little pricey. I went last week. Thanks much.

  • There’s a Bon Bon Chicken in Tribeca?! I have to check it out. For anyone who don’t know, it’s fried chicken and much better than KFC, Popeyes, etc

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