Midtown Links (Long Weekend Edition)


  • Was Brad Pitt at the Lehman Building?

  • It’s no wonder SArge’s Deli is underappreciated given that people can’t even get the name right.

  • Thanks for the link to the Bring My Lunch flickr group/contest… and hell no, you didn’t lose this reader at all! I am a HUGE fan of midtownlunch.com, and feel I owe at least 75% of my unwanted gut to its excellent tips and recommendations. I make sure to email the Midtown Lunch link to every new hire at the midtown company that I work at, with this subject line: “The most important email you will get while working at this company.”

  • wow! Thanks for the 52 projects link that led me to a bento blog by Yvo. What an interesting blog with cute pix. So inspiring!

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