Free Foods on 45th Coming September 10th



Vegan and raw food enthusiasts of Midtown, your prayers have been answered.  Chef Matthew Kenney, formerly of Pure Food & Wine, is about to open his organic fast food outlet “Free Foods NYC” on 45th btw. 5+6th.  Unfortunately, the “free” doesn’t refer to price (I’m guessing it’s actually going to be pretty expensive), but the fact that all the food is organic and sustainable, with raw, vegetarian and vegan options to boot.  Think gussed up Generic Midtown Deli.

Don’t worry meat lovers, there will be plenty of options for you.  According to the NY Sun the “specialty sandwiches, soups, and salads [will also feature] grass-fed organic beef, wild Alaskan fish, and organic free range chicken”. To get a general idea of what they may be serving, check out the Free Foods NYC catering site, which has been servicing offices and events since July from their headquarters on the Upper East Side. 

They are shooting for a September 10th opening date, but from the looks of the place this morning (photo above)- I’d be surprised if that happens.  I’ll keep you updated…


  • They’ll get my carbon footprint up their collective arses.

  • since Kitchen Provance closed last year there hasn’t been a good “gussied up generic Midtown deli” on this block. Cafe Manhattan does the waffle fries and turkey club justice, and Metro just blows on everything except the make your own salad, so it’ll be a good addition (and so will Goodburger….)

  • ill gladly welcome this option, especially because im quite close. always prefer organic/free range whenever possible. hopefully portions are decent or i could see myself easily spending $15-20 at a place like this

  • Kitchen Provence was terriffic! Was so sad to see it disappear.

  • I miss Kitchen Provence…they had healthy upscale tasty food, and great soups. Too bad that they knocked their building down. The italian deli next door is a nice little place; the attitude is kinda crappy there – however, the food is great!

  • After a summer armistice, the Park Italian War of ’07 is back on! If you like to eat bad subs in 90+ degrees, this is your new spot.


    Dude…. don’t ruin the surprise!  I’ve got a Park Italian vs. Little Italy post in the works…  -zach

  • Let the Games begin!

  • Sounds like just another excuse to charge people obscene prices for mediocre deli food. Call it “organic/sustainable/free-range/crap-free” and triple the price while reducing portions by half. I’ll pass.

  • This place is horrible! Save your money, small portions , way over priced and the owner Peter is very rude. I work at the bank on the corner and thought it would be nice to have a new place come around but this place is a joke. GO TO DISHES if you want something good for lunch..

  • Yes…the owner Peter? is a grade A moron…none of thier food is organic….this is just a guise….I work around the corner and the staff doesnt know what they are serving

  • I grabbed one of their prepackaged salads last week. It was good, but $11 great. I had roasted chicken with shaved pecorino and pignoli on bibb lettuce. The chicken was tasty – had flavor and tasted much better than a McDonald’s chicken filet. Still not sure it was worth the $$.

    The staff didn’t seem well trained and I counted at least two manager types who were busy “looking busy” while the lines piled up for the cashier and coffee bar. Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll go back because it’s so understaffed and took so long to get in and out.

    For the vegans: They carry Terra Nostra dairy free chocolate.

  • I ate there on Friday. I am a vegetarian and tried a pre-made raw vegetarian lasagna which was layers of thin-sliced zucchini, pesto, riccota, sundried tomatoes. It had a side of a green salad. The portion was on the small side and it was $10. But I have to say, it was incredibly delicious and light. Not somewhere I’d go daily but if something sounds tasty to you, worth a try.

  • I have eaten here several times, and while it is expensive, I found out recently that I have celiac disease, and it is a pleasure to have somewhere in midtown that has gluten free cake yipee!! Also the food is great, the veg lasagna is fabulous, and although I spend $20 I always have a dessert, or a choc bar included in that, and most of the time I eat twice from the same meal. We should not be eating sooo much food at one time anyway.

  • To whom it may concern:

    I would like to work for this establishment. Please feel free to call me at your convenience @ 718-466-6248 Thank you.

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