At Lunch Now: Treats Truck Hunting (Updated!)

For those of you who work in the high 40s & 50s, the goto Midtown Treats Truck stop on 38th & 5th, is a little too far south.  There was much begging and pleading, followed by a Treats Truck attempt to find a spot in the 50s, which resulted in the truck finally parking at 47th & Lexington, after hours of driving around.

This morning, fresh off the news that the Treats Truck has been kicked out of their normal Upper West Side spot at 79th & Columbus, came word that the truck would be attempting to find a new spot in Midtown today… possibly on “44th near 6th or 7th”.  As of 1pm, there is no sign of the truck, but as soon as they settle into a spot, I’ll let you know…

Worst comes to worst, I’ll see you on line at 38th & 5th tomorrow!

UPDATE:  As of 2:40 PM the Treats Truck is parked at 45th btw. 6+7th.  Enjoy!


  • was in line at Yum Thai at 1:15. saw the Treats Truck pass by. for a second, thought I should make a run for it to get my delectable goodness for the day. after reading this post, now i regret that i didn’t.

  • I see the Treats Truck going into its garage sometimes when I’m running. I’ll put in a good word for upper midtown.

  • what was wrong with the 47th & lex spot, i wonder? that would be perfect for me! i still haven’t had the chance to try the truck out because it’s always slightly out of my range.

  • Treat truck has been spotted on 45 and 6th

  • Girlie food.

    Only eaten by anaemic vegans in desperate search for a suger rush.

  • i finally hit up the treats truck today. it’s adorable! i got the mexican chocolate brownie and a bag of sugar dots for my coworkers. very good!!

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