PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Evelyn”

Every Tuesday I turn over Midtown Lunch to a random worker, for their favorite places to eat lunch in Midtown. Today, it’s Evelyn- an HR person looking for some good pizza…

Name: Evelyn



Where in Midtown do you Work?:
McGraw Hill Building (49th & 6th)

Favorite Kind of Food:
I’m pretty open to trying most things at least once. How are you supposed to know what you like or dislike without trying, right? But if I had to spend the rest of my life only eating certain things, I’d choose noodles, pasta, sushi, chicken tikka masala w/ basmati rice, dumplings, shellfish, stews, couscous, dessert (mmmm)… okay, too many foods to choose from.

Least Favorite Kind of Food:
I definitely don’t like Ethiopian cuisine after trying it just once. There are a lot of vegetable I dislike eating, especially okra & squash. I try to avoid too much fried or greasy foods and I shy away from anything that’s too spicy.

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch in Midtown:
I love going to Hing Won to get their sauteed udon with chicken. The noodles are cooked perfectly tender and the flavor isn’t too salty. My new favorite place to go is Minar to get my fill of yummy Indian food.. the best is the chicken tikka masala. It’s creamy and they don’t make it all that spicy. I also love their combination plate lunches… For just $7.25 I always get double chicken and the spinach with rice. Both places definitely fit the bill for me… cheap, fast & tasty.

The “go-to” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often: We frequent Cafe Metro all the time because it’s right there in our building! We also love it because we can use the Go Mobo website to order our food right from our computers or cell phones so we don’t have to stand in that ridiculously long line. Yup, we’re lazy AND impatient. (Funny you should mention that.  GoMobo is offering Midtown Lunch readers $5 off your first order this week, if you use the promo code “midtownlunch”.  Enjoy! -zach

Place you discovered thanks to Midtown Lunch: Minar… finally, cheap Indian food! Also, thanks for the recommendation about the Bulgogi sandwich. Too bad it went up to $2 though. 

If you could work anywhere (just because of the lunch) where would it be and why? Midtown is great but I’d love either the East Village because it’s got some great cheap places or somewhere close to Chinatown for what else… great Chinese! Otherwise, someplace close to the ocean for some fresh seafood everyday.

Anything you’d like to ask the Midtown Lunch readers? There are so many pizzerias in this area.  Do any of them stand out as having the best thin crispy crust?


Interesting you should ask about pizza, the day after Jiannetto’s Pizza Truck opened their 6th Ave. location right outside our building!  I know where you’ll be eating lunch today.  Anybody else got any other suggestions for Evelyn?  Post them as comments below.

And as for the Bulgogi Sandwich, it’s up to $5 now, and it’s served on a large roll.  I don’t even know if they have the little pressed bulgogi sandwiches on white bread anymore.  The new, larger sandwiches are alright- but they put yellow cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber on them.  I think they are trying to make them more “American”, not realizing that all we want is some good authentic Korean food!!!  A pic of their amazing creation, after the jump…



As always, if you have news, suggestions, or you want to be next week’s Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er- email me at


  • Sarah, im nancy’s

    I may be able to fit you in @ the Plaza on the 14th.

  • Nooo!! I didn’t hear about the egg incident! Wow, eggs thrown in the middle of summer, must’ve stunk pretty badly.

    Nate, I think I know what pizza place you’re talking about. It’s nestled between 2 japanese restaurants, right? I’ve had them before but unfortunately the pizza was cold by the time I bit into it so it was a bit disappointing… but nonetheless the sauce was quite tasty!

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