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  • In N Out… praise sweet Jeebus!

  • In-N-Out would immediately put all other NYC burger joints out of business, right? Unfortunately, we agree with one of the commenters over at ATH: even if it did make it over here, the service would take a serious dip in quality, and where’s the fun in that?

  • I _highly_ doubt In-N-Out would come to NYC. They’d be moving way way way too far from their distributors, which is what I heard was their issue with why they haven’t expanded further on the West Coast.

    I doubt they’d go through the trouble to set up entirely new distributors out here, not knowing what they can and cannot trust.

    Still, if they come, I’m there opening day.

  • Yup, agree with Stu…no way, given how conservative they have been with distributors and sourcing their product…have they even gone beyond Ca., Arizona, and Nevada? It is also a family-run private operation, and would really need some serious capital infusion to make an East coast run.
    But again, I would be happy to be proven wrong…I would be there in a heartbeat…one of the things I miss the most about living in California.

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