Midtown Links (Shilling Edition)


  • Thanks for the linkage! I’m eating at Sakagura tonight, so…mooore midtown goodness! (At least I hope it’s good.)

  • Gawd, I love Kelly’s Roast Beef. I’m from Boston and NY really doesn’t have a roast beef place here equivalent….Their toasted sesame bun and piled high rare meat cheese and mayo? mmmm mmm goodness and fries and onion rings. wow. I’m jonesing for roast beef.

  • Thanks for the feature Zach! :o)

  • It’s too bad that the Village location of Roll N Roaster closed down, but the original in Sheepshead Bay is still worth making a pilgrimage to once a year or so. Great roast beef sandwiches, corn nuggets, orangeade. Wafer fries so crispy that they’re almost potato chips, but not quite. Cheez available on everything.

    Unfortunately, very very far from Midtown. Even from the nearest train stop, it’s a 15-20 minute walk.

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