Cosi Brings the Lobster “Roll” to Midtown

Limited Time Only Summer Sanwiches from CosiHaving lived in Boston for 9 years, I am very familiar with the lobster roll.  I’m also very familiar with the cheap lobster roll.  That’s because when summer rolled around, cheap lobster rolls would pop up in the unlikeliest of places.  The most well know was probably from the sub chain, D’angelos.  It has become so popular they now offer three different versions.  And then of course there is the McDonald’s lobster roll.  That’s right.  In parts of New England, you can get a lobster roll at McDonald’s for $6.  Scary. (But still better than eating a Big Mac)

Having a lobster roll at a place like McDonald’s for less than $10 can really make you wonder- “What the hell is in this thing?”.  But a real lobster roll is pretty simple.  It’s just lobster meat served in a hot dog roll.  From there, the argument will begin as to what makes the “perfect” lobster roll.  Mayo or no mayo.  Lemon juice or no lemon juice.  Celery is sometimes added, and often a layer of lettuce can be put under the lobster meat or salad.  Grilling the hot dog bun first, and brushing it with melted butter can’t hurt either.  But there is one thing that everybody can agree on- the more lobster (and the bigger the chunks), the better.  Claws always welcome!

Unfortunately, the more meat in the sandwich, the more expensive it’s going to be.  That’s why a good lobster roll will usually run you $14-18 in New England, with many fancy New York restaurants charging upwards of $25+ for their version.  While some purists would never eat a fast food lobster roll, some of us more frugal diners want to be able to experience that taste, without dropping a ton of money.  So when Cosi introduced their limited time only “Lobster Salad Sandwich”, I was pretty excited.

What it looks like, what it tastes like and the mayo filled +/- after the jump…

I hate spending $8 on a sandwich for lunch, but for some reason it doesn’t bother me at Cosi.  I don’t know if it’s the amazing bread, or their knack for introducing amazing limited time only sandwiches… but whatever the reason, it’s one of the few generic sandwich/salad chains I’ll eat at in Midtown. 


A tell-tale sign of a cheap lobster roll is tons of mayo and unfortunately Cosi’s version is no exception.  On the positive side, it tastes a little more like a lemon aoli, then straight up mayo- so it’s very tasty.  But there is no denying it, the lobster “salad” is drenched in it.  There’s no way it’s healthy, and if you are not a fan of mayo you will probably hate this sandwich.

They don’t actually call it a lobster roll, because it’s not served on a hot dog bun- but rather on Cosi’s bread, which is fine with me.  Their bread is wider and longer than a hot dog bun, making the sandwich much larger than a traditional lobster roll.  The $8.99 price tag is a bit higher than the normal Cosi sandwich, but it’s understandable for something that has lobster in it, and there are some larger chunks of meat- which is always a good thing to see.  And people seem to be into it.  The sandwich has been selling out by 1:30pm at most of the locations…



As with everything, you get what you pay for- and this Cosi sandwich falls right into that category.  If you are a lobster roll snob, there is a good chance you won’t be into the Cosi version- but if you are like me, and just want to have something that is lobster roll’ish for less than $10, you can do alot worse than Cosi.  Namely, McDonald’s.

THE + (What people who like this would say)

  • It’s the only inexpensive lobster roll option in Midtown
  • I love Cosi sandwiches
  • I love Lobster
  • I love mayo
  • It is slightly better than your average cheap lobster roll.  Lots of mayo, but the mayo has very nice lemon flavor.  And there are chunks of lobster scattered in the sandwich.

The – (What people who don’t like this would say)

  • I hate mayo
  • Too much mayo
  • Not enough chunks of lobster meat
  • I don’t like to eat seafood that is priced too cheaply, because it makes me wonder what I’m eating.
  • Most stores have been running out by 1:30pm, so get there early.

Cosi, Multiple Locations in Midtown

  • 61 W. 48th. St. (btw. 5+6th)
  • 11 W. 42nd St. btw. 5th & 6th Ave.
  • 60 E. 56th St. btw. Madison & Park Ave.
  • 38 E. 45th St. btw. Madison & Vanderbilt
  • 685 Third Ave. on 44th St.
  • 498 7th Ave. btw. 36+37th St.
  • 1633 Broadway btw. 50+51st. St.


  • I think you’re right, Anon. I believe it ain’t nuthin but the real thing.

  • If you are ever in New London CT, Captain Scotts Lobster Dock is the place to go. The don’t do this mayo BS, they do it with drawn butter and plenty of lobster. It’s also only around 10 bucks and it is in a very hidden location, not touristy at all. Look it up.

  • Thumbs up on the Cosi lobster sandwich. With the AMNY coupon, it was $7.56 including tax. It wasn’t Pearl, but it wasn’t half bad for the price. I liked the seasoned mayonnaise. Not sure what the heck was in it, but it was tasty. (I like mayo in general.)

  • Thanks for the tip on the Cosi coupon, I will have to track it down!

    Also just a note to those who care, Cosi sandwiches are very high in calories, and it’s not just the ingredients. The bread is yummy but drenched in oil. I am no longer dieting so I don’t care, but for those who are, BEWARE.

  • Just tried it out for lunch today, thought it was pretty tasty, though the bread seemed a bit salty. For the price it’s a nice option when I’ve got a craving, though I don’t think this will be a weekly staple for me. Anyone know how long they’ll be serving this form?

  • Tried it for lunch Wednesday (45th St). I love lobster. (Grew up in Boston!) Also a mayo fan, and I like Cosi bread. Saw the server fill the lobster salad bin from a larger plastic bin just before I ordered. Long line, a bit of a wait.

    The good:
    Cosi bread-great texture, not too bulky
    Mayo was good, a bit lemony
    Many good-sized lobster chunks (even some claw!)–definitely real lobster meat
    Nibbling on a couple of fresh-baked loaf ends helped ease the line wait

    The Bad:
    Alas, the lobster meat was not very lobstery. I even let the sandwich sit and warm up for a while. Slowly ate a large chunk with no mayo. It tasted overly-boiled and processed and did not have the loster flavor that is the whole purpose of eating a lobster roll

    Not a bad deal w/coupon (under $8), and fairly filling, but not a true lobster experience. Still an OK sandwich.

  • Now that the coupons in AM NY were mentioned, there must have been a huge push of them, since they have not been running them. Cheap bastards. I’m cheap too since I like the coupons….

  • Not a bad sandwich. big chunks of lobster, did not have a problem with the amount of mayo but it was very lemony and my tongue still burns fron the pepper.

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