The Treats Truck is in Midtown Today!!!



Awww yeah… The Treats Truck is in Midtown today!  What the hell is the Treats Truck you ask?  It’s a mobile bakery run by Kim Ima, who bakes a truckload (pun intended) of treats in Red Hook, and then drives them to a specific location in NYC.  The location changes every day (and often multiple times a day).  Find the truck and you’ll be rewarded with a wide selection of amazing looking cookies, brownies, rice krispy squares and more.  Prices range from $1 to $2.50.  

This past weekend the truck was in the Village, yesterday it was in the Upper West Side, and today it’s coming to Midtown!  The truck is so new, they are still scouting out locations- so they are not exactly sure where they are going to be today and at what time, but as soon as they know, they are going to let me know- and I will be posting updates to this page all day long so you can get your after lunch sugar rush.  You can also check their website, or call 212-691-5226.

UPDATED (10:54 AM):  The Treats Truck has landed on 38th & 5th Ave.

UPDATED (12:32 PM): I have been to the Treat Truck and it is good!  Highlights include Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie, Rasberry Brownie… um- pretty much everthing was awesome.


  • I hope they land in downtown soon!!!

  • Holy cow the treats truck is delicious. Their peanut butter cookie sandwich with peanut butter is fantastic. Plus they have free samples.

  • They are out of quite a few things right now (pb cake cookie, oatmeal choc chip) but will be getting a shipment from the bakery in a few hours

  • If you go there you need to buy at least one of everything. Ive only sampled the mexican brownie and it was pretty good.

  • The peanut butter cookie sandwich with peanut butter is quite possibly the greatest thing ever created. I suggest everyone buy anywhere from 1 to 39 of these cookies.

  • good call on the Treats truck, the raspberry brownies and lemon raspberry cookies are delicious.

  • P.S. , the new shipment has arrived

  • went and thought i would just get one cookie. ended up buying loads and had to share them with the world. really fresh and delish. the lemon cookies are awesome.

  • You know what would be a great location? 46th and 5th. Quite possibly the world’s premier location for a truck o’ treats. I’m just sayin…

  • ditto on the PB sandwich cookies – they are orgasmic

  • The treats truck was just down the street from me and I MISSED IT??! That’ll teach me not to check for updates faster!

  • I had this today because one of the drivers is a fan of Court TV (where I work). They’re awesome!

  • Caught the truck on 22 & 7th today, it is indeed a treat.
    Mexican Brownies are top notch , the little sugar cookies with vanilla frosting are no slouch either

  • I had some outmeal cookies today, they were the the best I ever had!

  • Whoever called 46&5 was right. It’s on 45&6 (close enough) and it’s a great location.

  • Please notify me weekly of your locations. Thank you.

  • I loved my Mint Chocolate Cookie Sandwich! Mmmmmm!

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